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For Your Eyes Only


Released 1981

John Glen = Director

Albert R. Broccoli = Producer

Tom Pevsner = Associate Producer

Michael G. Wilson = Executive Producer

Roger Moore as James Bond

Carole Bouquet as Melina Havelock

Topol as Milos Columbo

Lynn-Holly Johnson as Bibi Dahl

Julian Glover as Aristotle Kristatos

Cassandra Harris as Countess Lisl von Schlaf

Jill Bennett as Jacoba Brink

Michael Gothard as Emile Leopold Locque

John Wyman as Erich Kriegler

Jack Hedley as Sir Timothy Havelock

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Desmond Llewelyn as Q

Geoffrey Keen (Sir Frederick Gray) as Minister of Defense

Walter Gotell as General Anatol Gogol

James Villiers as Bill Tanner

John Moreno as Luigi Ferrara

Charles Dance as Claus

Paul Angelis as Karageorge

Toby Robins as Iona Havelock

Jack Klaff as Apostis

Alkis Kritikos as Santos

Stag Theodore as Nikos

Stefan Kalipha as Hector Gonzales

Graham Crowden as First Sea Lord

Noel Johnson as Vice Admiral

William Hoyland as McGregor

Paul Brooke as Bunky

Eva Reuber-Staier as Rublevich

Fred Bryant as Vicar

Robbin Young as Girl in Flower Shop

Graham Hawkes as Mantis Man

John Wells as Denis Thatcher

Janet Brown as The Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher

Maureen Bennett as Sharon, Q's Assistant (uncredited)

Andy Bradford as Guard at St. Cyril (uncredited)

Jeremy Bulloch as Smithers (uncredited)

Clive Curtis as González Henchman (uncredited)

Lalla Dean as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Evelyn Drogue as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Sheena Easton as Herself - Singer in Title Sequence (uncredited)

Peter Fontaine as Captain of the St. Georges (uncredited)

Cornelius Garrett as Trawler Navy Officer (uncredited)

Laurie Goode as Skier (uncredited)

Laoura Hadzivageli as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

John Hollis as Ernst Stavro Blofeld (uncredited)

Koko as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Chai Lee as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Kim Mills as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Debbie Newsome as Girl in Cortina (uncredited)

Greg Powell as Henchman Shot by Melina (uncredited)

Lenny Rabin as Ski-Jump Spectator (uncredited)

Robert Rietty as Ernst Stavro Blofeld (voice) (uncredited)

Vanya Seager as Girl Who Kisses Henchman (uncredited)

Bob Simmons as Henchman Lotus Explosion Victim (uncredited)

George Sweeney as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Tula as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Max Vesterhalt as Girl at Casino (uncredited)

Viva as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Lizzie Warville as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Michael G. Wilson as Greek Priest at Wedding (uncredited)

Alison Worth as Girl at Pool (uncredited)

Martin Grace as Stuntperson

Pat Banta as Stuntperson

Cyd Child as Stuntperson

Jo Cote as Stuntperson

John Eaves as Stuntperson

Hans Hechenbichler as Stuntperson

Michel Julienne as Stuntperson & Henchman Driver

Wolfgang Junginger as Stuntperson

George Leech as Stuntperson & Henchman Shark Victim

Wendy Leech as Stuntperson

Gavin McKinney as Stuntperson

Gareth Milne as Stuntperson

Bernard Pascual as Stuntperson

Frances Young as Stuntperson

Marc Wolff as Aerial Stuntperson

Albert Werry as Aerial Stuntperson

John Crewdson as Aerial Stuntperson

Andrew Von Preussen as Aerial Stuntperson

Robin Browne as Aerial Stuntperson

Czeslav Dyzma as Aerial Stuntperson

Nigel Brendish as Aerial Stuntperson

Gerhard Fromm as Ski Stuntperson

Peter Rohe as Ski Stuntperson

Georg Ostler as Ski Stuntperson

Gerhard Huber as Ski Stuntperson

Christian Troschke as Ski Stuntperson

Wolfgang Kleinwaechter as Ski Stuntperson

Michael Ratajczak as Ski Stuntperson

Sabine Boueke as Ski Stuntperson

Victor Tourjansky as Ski Stuntperson & Man With Wine Glass

Verena Baldeo as Ski Stuntperson

Giovanni Dibona as Ski Stuntperson

Ken Court as Water Stuntperson

Walter Clayton as Water Stuntperson

Charles Nicklin as Water Stuntperson

Steve Bowerman as Water Stuntperson

Arlette Greenfield as Water Stuntperson

Randolph Johnson as Water Stuntperson

Terry Kerby as Water Stuntperson

Doug Laughlin as Water Stuntperson

Jack Monestier as Water Stuntperson

Richard Mula as Water Stuntperson

Pete Romano as Water Stuntperson

Moby Griffin as Water Stuntperson

John Bremer as Water Stuntperson

Rick Sylvester as Climbing Stuntperson

Herbert Raditschnig as Climbing Stuntperson

Chester Brown as Climbing Stuntperson

Bill Fox as Climbing Stuntperson

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