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Formula 51

The 51st State


Released 2002

Ronny Yu = Director

David Pupkewitz = Producer

Malcolm Kohll = Producer

Andras Hamori = Producer

Seaton McLean = Producer

Jonathan Debin = Producer

Mark Aldridge = Co-Producer

Eli Selden = Executive Producer

Julie Yorn = Executive Producer

Stephanie Davis = Executive Producer

Samuel L. Jackson = Executive Producer

Samuel L. Jackson as Elmo McElroy

Nigel Whitmey as L.A. Highway Patrol

Robert Jezek as Priest

Emily Mortimer as Dakota Parker

Meat Loaf as The Lizard

Jake Abraham as Konokko

Mac McDonald as Mr. Davidson

Aaron Swartz as Mr. Yuri

David Webber as Mr. Jones

Michael J. Reynolds as Mr. Escobar

Sonny Muslim as Boy in Plane

Barbara Barnes as Boy's Mother

Junix Inocian as Mr. Ho-Fat

Robert Carlyle as Felix DeSouza

Paul Barber as Frederick

Christopher Hunter as Lawrence

Stephen Walters as Blowfish

James Roach as Grimtooth

Sean Pertwee as Detective Virgil Kane

Michael Starke as Arthur

Ricky Tomlinson as Leopold Durant

Rhys Ifans as Iki

Ade as Omar

Nick Bartlett as Trevor

Angus MacInnes as Pudsey Smith

Joan Campion as Hotel Maid

Terry O'Neill as Deck Hand

Anna Keaveney as Shirley DeSouza

Marc Anwar as Pharmacist

Paul Broughton as Anfield Commissionaire

Robert Fyfe as Hector Dougal McElroy

Gaute Grøtta Grav as Rave boy (uncredited)

Paul T. Murray as Bones (uncredited)

Stel Pavlou as Bouncer (uncredited)

Matt Routledge as Dancer (uncredited)

Richard Bradshaw as Stuntperson

Stuart Clark as Stuntperson

Gabe Connery as Stuntperson

George Cottle as Stuntperson

Graeme Crowther as Stuntperson

Ray De-Haan as Stuntperson

Jamie Edgell as Stuntperson

Neil Finnighan as Stuntperson

Sarah Franzl as Stuntperson

Joss Gower as Stuntperson

Paul Heasman as Stuntperson

Paul Herbert as Stuntperson

Nick Hobbs as Stuntperson

Morgan Johnson as Stuntperson

Derek Lea as Stuntperson

Mark Lisbon as Stuntperson

Tony Lucken as Stuntperson

Tina Maskell as Stuntperson

Andy Merchant as Stuntperson

Ray Nicholas as Stuntperson

Seon Rogers as Stuntperson

Alan Stuart as Stuntperson

Rocky Taylor as Stuntperson

Lynda Van Den Berg as Stuntperson

Chris Webb as Stuntperson

William Willoughby as Stuntperson

Kiante Elam as Stunt Double for Mr. Jackson

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