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The Fox and The Hound 2


Released 2006

Jim Kammerud = Director

Ferrell Barron = Producer

Catherine A. Jones = Associate Producer

Joelle Spencer-Gilchrist = Associate Producer

Reba McEntire as Voice of Dixie

Patrick Swayze as Voice of Cash

Jonah Bobo as Voice of Todd

Harrison Fahn as Voice of Copper

Jeff Foxworthy as Voice of Lyle

Vicki Lawrence as Voice of Granny Rose

Stephen Root as Voice of Talent Scout

Jeff Bennett as Additional Voices

Jim Cummings as Voice of Waylon & Floyd

& Additional Voices

Grey DeLisle as Additional Voices

Hannah Farr as Voice of Olivia Farmer & Additional Voices

Kath Soucie as Voice of Zelda & Additional Voices

April Winchell as Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen as Voice of Chief & Additional Voices

Russi Taylor as Additional Voices

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