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The Movie


Released 2010

Clay Weiner = Director

Meghann Collins = Co-Producer

Brian Robbins = Executive Producer

Sharla Sumpter Bridgett = Executive Producer

Michael Green = Executive Producer

Gary Binkow = Executive Producer

Evan Weiss = Executive Producer

Lucas Cruikshank = Executive Producer

Lucas Cruikshank as Fred Figglehorn/Derf

Pixie Lott as Judy

Jake Weary as Kevin

Jennette McCurdy as Bertha

John Cena as Fred's Dad

Siobhan Fallon Hogan as Fred's Mom

Jack Coughlan as Young Fred

Max Kriksciun as Little Evan Weiss

Robert Noble as #6 Bus Driver

Gary Anthony Williams Laundromat Manager

John Gatins as Car Wash Clerk #1

Bambadjan Bamba as Car Wash Clerk #2

Kirsten Berman as Fiat Driver

Oscar Nunez as Lorenzo

Jordan Black as Gary

Dave Silva as Man Who Doesn't Speak English

Chris Wylde as Security Guard

Kevin Olson as Older Evan Weiss

Stephanie Courtney as Kevin's Mom

Edith Jefferson as Old Woman

Cassandra Braden as #7 Bus Driver

Alicia Favela as Girl #1

Jazzlyn Marae as Girl #2

Dallas Lovato as Girl #3

Ronald Hysten as Boy #1

Eddy Martin as Boy #2

Trevor Brown as Boy #3

Clay Weiner as Danny Janetti

Riker Lynch as Fred Dancing Double

Dan Brown as as Fred Stunt Double

Kirsten Asher as Judy Stunt Double

Matt Flanagan as Kevin Stunt Double

Brady Romberg as Kevin Stunt Double

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