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Fred Claus


Released 2007

David Dobkin = Director

Joel Silver = Producer

Jessie Nelson = Producer

David Dobkin = Producer

Vince Vaughn = Co-Producer

Paul Hitchcock = Executive Producer

Vince Vaughn as Fred Claus

Paul Giamatti as Nick 'Santa' Claus

John Michael Higgins as Willie

Miranda Richardson as Annette Claus

Rachel Weisz as Wanda

Kathy Bates as Mother Claus

Trevor Peacock as Papa Claus

Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges as DJ Donnie

Elizabeth Banks as Charlene

Jeremy Swift as Bob Elf

Elizabeth Berrington as Linda Elf

Kevin Spacey as Clyde

Rio Hackford as Leon

Bobb'e J. Thompson as Slam

Allan Corduner as Dr. Goldfarb

Jordon Hull as Young Fred at 6 Yrs Old

Liam James as Young Fred at 12 Yrs Old

Theo Stevenson as Young Nick at 6 Yrs Old

Allison Sparrow as Girl with Plasma TV

Fred Zimmerman as Caroler

Danny McCarthy as Salvation Army Santa

Keith Kupferer as Salvation Army Santa

Craig J. Harris as Jermaine Santa

Peter McCabe as Scary Thug

Jonathan Cullen as Guard

Wesley Chu as Bonsai Chef

Claudia Michelle Wallace as Child Services Agent

Guy Massey as Child Services Agent

Gabriel Pimentel as Head Secret Service Elf

Hassan Chikhaoui as Secret Service Elf

Vitalie Babara as Secret Service Elf

Morgane Monjauze as Molly Gordon

Caden Niewolny as Timmy Jackson

Angela Curran as Old Woman Elf

Celia Henebury as Girl Elf

Justin McEwen as Orphanage Kid

Tyler Kelley as Orphanage Kid

Dylan Minnette as Orphanage Kid

Anne White as Midwife

Patrick Zielinski as Cab Driver

William Dick as Group Leader

Frank Stallone as Himself

Roger Clinton as Himself

Stephen Baldwin as Himself

Jean-Yves Thual as Mission Control Elf

Jorge Rodero as Willie's Movements

Michael Mbhele as DJ Donnie's Movements

Burn Gorman as Elf

Orlando Seale as Elf

Charlie Condou as Elf

Melody Hollis as Timmy Jackson's Sister

Mike Bacarella as Wanda's Neighbor

Bert Matias as Eskimo

Rusty Goffe as Elf/Frosty the Barman

Peter Bonner as Bonner Elf

Tamara Aranovskaya as Elf

Natalia Avraimova as Elf

Irina Cheplyshkina as Elf

Shamil Galeev as Elf

Afiya Izmailova as Elf

Anton Khardarkevich as Elf

Zinaida Khardarkevich as Elf

Viktor Kharur as Elf

Zinaida Kharuk as Elf

Tatyana Kutaleva as Elf

Tatiana Lakhmytkina as Elf

Valentina Lipen as Elf

Vano Miranyan as Elf

Nadezda Miranova as Elf

Tetyana Moskalenko as Elf

Andriy Nagiyen as Elf

Firaya Nutfullina as Elf

Alexander Pavlov as Elf

Tatiana Pavlova as Elf

Antanina Satsura as Elf

Nadiia Shchava as Elf

Svetlana Shishkevich as Elf

Galina Shurygina as Elf

Irina Skripnichenko as Elf

Nina Sorokoletova as Elf

Victor Sovpenets as Elf

Veronika Starostina as Elf

Inna Sushkova as Elf

Mykola Yevdokymov as Elf

Alexey Zalatin as Elf

Don Goodman as Money Donor

Ramona Giambalvo as Money Donor

Christ Kopoulos as Money Donor

Jeannette Francis as Money Donor

Patrick Morris as Money Donor

Douglas Colber as Singer

Debra Congram as Singer

Deanna Edgerson as Singer

Robert H. Frenier as Singer

Johanna K. Hauki as Singer

Beth Kondrat as Singer

Erich K. Kurschat as Singer

Anthony D. Potempa as Singer

Paul E. Reineck as Singer

Julie Simms as Singer

Tracy M. Snell as Slam's Adoptive Mother

Antinko Zanjelo Waddell as Slam's Adoptive Father

Kiara Allyce Greene as Slam's Adoptive Sister

Jason Abustan as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Alexander Almaguer as Boy (uncredited)

Lillian Almaguer as Girl (uncredited)

Amy Amir as Muslim Woman (uncredited)

Tommy Bartlett as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Alex Bickle as Stockbroker (uncredited)

John Biemeret as Repo Man (uncredited)

Suzy Brack as Shopper (uncredited)

Megan Renee Burgess as Shopper (uncredited)

Christopher James Casper as Shopper (uncredited)

Evyenia Constantine as Shopper (uncredited)

Michael Cook as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Jessica Cooper as Shopper (uncredited)

Julia Copeland as Christmas Shopper (uncredited)

Ethan Cutkosky as Carl (uncredited)

Jay Disney as Businessman (uncredited)

Nick Doetsch as Celebrity Sibling (uncredited)

Ian Houghton as Clyde Northcutt (uncredited)

Shelby Howe as Toy Store Patron (uncredited)

Thomas Kosik as Christmas Shopper (uncredited)

Tim Krueger as Christmas Shopper (uncredited)

Joseph Lazicki as Sibling Member (uncredited)

Rob Lok as Knife Juggler (uncredited)

Joseph Mazurk as Background Santa (uncredited)

Abi McKenzie as Kid Waiting to See Santa (uncredited)

Steve Mikula as Salvation Army Santa (uncredited)

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Older Man Getting Parking Ticket (uncredited)

Isabella Murad as Kid in Toy Store #3 (uncredited)

William Nero Jr. as Child in Line (uncredited)

Ernest Pierce as Stockbroker (uncredited)

Christopher Popio as Cab Driver (uncredited)

Henry Sandifer as Upscale Shopper (uncredited)

Amit Shah as Starbucks Customer (uncredited)

Michelle Shields as Mall Shopper (uncredited)

Adrian Turika as Frat Boy (uncredited)

George Wood as Shopper (uncredited)

Max Zuppa as Kid #1 (uncredited)

Joe Bucaro III as Stuntperson

George Cottle as Stuntperson

Tony Christian as Stuntperson

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