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Free Willy 2

The Adventure Home


Released 1995

Dwight H. Little = Director

Lauren Shuler Donner = Producer

Jennie Lew Tugend = Producer

Mark Marshall = Associate Producer

Douglas C. Merrifield = Associate Producer

Sherry Fadely = Associate Producer

Richard Solomon = Co-Producer

Richard Donner = Executive Producer

Arnon Milchan = Executive Producer

Jim Van Wyck = Executive Producer

Keiko as Willy

Jason James Richter as Jesse

Francis Capra as Elvis

Mary Kate Schellhardt as Nadine

August Schellenberg as Randolph Johnson

Michael Madsen as Glenn Greenwood

Jayne Atkinson as Annie Greenwood

Mykelti Williamson as Dwight Mercer

Elizabeth Peņa as Kate Haley

Jon Tenney as John Milner

Paul Tuerpe as Milner's Assistant

M. Emmet Walsh as Bill Wilcox

John Considine as Commander Blake

Steve Kahan as Captain Nilson

Neal Matarazzo as Helmsman Kelly

Al Sapienza as Engineer

Wally Dalton as Engineer

Clifford Fetters as Engineer

Julie Inouye as Reporter

Basil Wallace as Reporter

Janet Wu as Reporter

Doug Ballard as Veterinarian

June Christopher as Veterinarian

Marguerite Moreau as Julie

Christina Orchid as Donut Shop Lady

Edward J. Rosen as Environmental Man

Isaac T. Arnett Jr. as Camper

Scott Stuber as Policeman

Chanel Capra as Teenage Girl at Ferry

Laura Gary as Whale Spotter

John Harms as Protester

Susan Brooks as Protester

Jeff Brooks as Protester

Joan Lunden as Herself

Conrad F. Palmisano as Utility Stuntperson

Jeff Imada as Utility Stuntperson

Carl Ciarfallo as Stuntperson

Dick Hancock as Stuntperson

John Meier as Stuntperson

Chad Randall as Stuntperson

Scott Wilder as Stuntperson

Bruce Barbour as Stuntperson

Barbara Klein as Stuntperson

Noby Arden as Stuntperson

Frankie Garbutt as Stuntperson

Bobby Porter as Stuntperson

Jack West as Stuntperson

James W. Gavin as Stunt Pilot

Duane Williams as Stunt Pilot

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