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The Frighteners


Released 1996

Peter Jackson = Director

Jamie Selkirk = Producer

Peter Jackson = Producer

Fran Walsh = Associate Producer

Tim Sanders = Co-Producer

Robert Zemeckis = Executive Producer

Michael J. Fox as Frank Bannister

Trini Alvarado as Dr. Lucy Lynskey

Peter Dobson as Ray Lynskey

John Astin as The Judge

Jeffrey Combs as Milton Dammers

Dee Wallace Stone as Patricia Ann Bradley

Jake Busey as Johnny Charles Bartlett

Chi McBride as Cyrus

Jim Fyfe as Stuart, Bannister's Ghostly Assistant

Troy Evans as Sheriff Walt Perry

Julianna McCarthy as Old Lady Bradley

R. Lee Ermey as Sgt. Hiles

Elizabeth Hawthorne as Magda Rees-Jones

Angela Bloomfield as Debra Bannister

Desmond Kelly as Harry Sinclair

Jonathan Blick as Steve Bayliss

Todd Rippon as Deputy

John Sumner as Deputy

Michael Robinson as Deputy

Jim McLarty as Deputy

Anthony Ray Parker as Deputy

Paul Yates as Deputy

Melanie Lynskey as Deputy

John Leigh as Bryce Campbell

Nicola Cliff as Young Patricia

Ken Blackburn as Dr. Kammins

Stuart Devenie as Museum Curator

Genevieve Westcott as TV Presenter

K. C. Kelly as Doctor

Leslie Wing as Mrs. Waterhouse

Leslie Klein as Sylvia, Maid

Frank Edwards as Resuscitating Man

Alan O'Leary as The Waiter

Danny Lineham as Barry

Charlie McClellan as Reporter

William Pomeroy as Jacob Platz

George Port as Orderly

Billy Jackson as Baby in Bouncer

Sophie Watkins as Nursery Baby

Taea Hartwell as Nursery Baby

Max Grover as Nursery Baby

George Grover as Nursery Baby

Tony Hopkins as Hospital Patient

Lewis Martin as Hospital Patient

Clay Nelson as Passerby

Robert McNeill as Passerby

Matthew Chamberlain as Passerby

Vivienne Kaplan as Nun

Liz Mullane as Nun

Grant Aldridge as Funeral Photographer (uncredited)

Peter Jackson as Man with Piercings (uncredited)

Charles Croughwell as Mr. Fox's Stunt Double

Aaron Lupton as Stuntperson

Mark Prowse as Stuntperson

Joanne Strong as Stuntperson

Jenny Harris as Stuntperson

Steve Doherty as Stuntperson

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