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Full Moon High


Released 1981

Larry Cohen = Director

Larry Cohen = Producer

Adam Arkin as Tony Walker

Ed McMahon as Dad, Col. William P. Walker

Roz Kelly as Jane

Bill Kirchenbauer as Flynn

Joanne Nail as Ricky

Kenneth Mars as The Coach & Principal Cleveland

Elizabeth Hartman as Miss Montgomery

Alan Arkin as Dr. Brand

James Dixon as Deputy

Louis Nye as Reverend

Demond Wilson as Cabbie-Bus Driver

Jim J. Bullock as Eddie

Tom Aldredge as The Jailer

Tom Clancy as Priest

Janet Villella as Fortune Teller

Laurene Landon as Blondie

Jack Eiseman as Student

Gene Woodbury as Student

John Blyth Barrymore as Student

Martha Mulford as Student

Zachary Harris as Student

Bob Saget as Sportscaster

Melissa Inger as Youngster at Game

Victoria Jill as Youngster at Game

Anthony Dana Arkin as Youngster at Game

Mitchell Greenberg as Jumper

Paul Kandel as Fireman

Peter Hock as Fire Chief

Cheryl Henry as Plane Passenger

Lucy Webb as Plane Passenger

Nathan Adler as Plane Passenger

William John Gregory as Romanian Waiter

Pat Morita as The Silversmith

Tony De Felicis as Football Player (uncredited)

Larry Dunn as Stuntperson

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