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Funny Farm


Released 1988

George Roy Hill = Director

Robert L. Crawford Jr. = Producer

Patrick Kelley = Executive Producer

Bruce Bodner = Executive Producer

Chevy Chase as Andy Farmer

Madolyn Smith Osborne as Elizabeth Farmer

Kevin O'Morrison as Sheriff Ledbetter

Joseph Maher as Michael Sinclair

Jack Gilpin as Bud Culbertson

Caris Corfman as Betsy Culbertson

William Severs as Newspaper Editor

Mike Starr as Crocker

Glenn Plummer as Mickey

William Duell as Old Character

Helen Lloyd Breed as Old Operator

Kit Le Fever as Young Operator

Dakin Matthews as Marion Corey Jr.

William Newman as Gus Lotterhand

Alice Drummond as Mrs. Ethel Dinges

Brad Sullivan as Brock

Nesbitt Blaisdell as Hank

George Buck as Peterbrook

Audrie J. Neenan as Ivy

MacIntyre Dixon as Mayor Barclay

Bill Fagerbakke as Lon Criterion

Nicholas Wyman as Dirk Criterion

Raynor Scheine as Oates

Peter Boyden as Reporter

Reg E. Cathey as Reporter

Dan Desmond as Reporter

Don Plumley as Reporter

Brett Miller as Teenager

Jamie Meyer as Teenager

David Woodberry as Ike

Kevin Murphy as Ewell

Dennis Barr as First Base Coach

Barbara Baker as Woman in Stands

David Williams as Marcus

Steve Jonas as Driving Instructor

Russell Bletzer as Councilman

Evelyn McLean as Caroler

Steven John as Caroler

Robert Conner as Caroler

Judson Duncan as Caroler

Alison Hannas as Caroler

Robert Ingram as Caroler

Mary Johnson as Caroler

Kristin Kellom as Caroler

Paul Link as Caroler

Kevin Conway as Crum Petree, the Mailman (uncredited)

Sarah Michelle Gellar as Elizabeth's Student (uncredited)

Darren Higgins as Boy with Deer (uncredited)

Fabio May as Townie (uncredited)

Mic Nuggette as Caroler (uncredited)

Diane Yang as Elizabeth's Student (uncredited)

John Robotham as Stuntperson

George Robotham as Stuntperson

Cliff Cudney as Stuntperson

Lisa Loving as Stuntperson

John Patrick McLaughlin as Stuntperson

Hugh Aodh O'Brien as Stuntperson

Don Picard as Stuntperson

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