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The Game Plan


Released 2007

Andy Fickman = Director

Gordon Gray = Producer

Mark Ciardi = Producer

Richard Luke Rothschild = Executive Producer

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson as Joe Kingman

Madison Pettis as Peyton Kelly

Kyra Sedgwick as Stella Peck

Roselyn Sanchez as Monique Vasquez

Morris Chestnut as Travis Sanders

Hayes MacArthur as Kyle Cooper

Brian J. White as Jamal Webber

Jamal Duff as Clarence Monroe

Paige Turco as Karen Kelly

Tubbs as Spike

Gordon Clapp as Coach Mark Maddox

Kate Nauta as Tatianna

Robert Torti as Samuel Blake, Jr.

Jackie Flynn as Larry the Doorman

Lauren Storm as Nanny Cindy

Marv Albert as Himself

Boomer Esiason as Himself

Jim Gray as Himself

Stuart O. Scott as Himself

Steven Levy as Himself

Eric Ogbogu as Drake

Christine Lakin as Nichole

Elizabeth Chambers as Kathryn

Brian Currie as Bo the Trainer

Fiona Gallagher as Dr. Converse

Jack Eastland as ER Doctor

Rachel Harker as Mrs. Jensen

Ed Berliner as Rebels PR Manager

Armen Garo as Cabbie

Roger T. S. Dillingham Jr. as Paparazzi

Jay Giannone as Doorman at Club

Tony Renaud as New York Coach

Brianne Crough as Toy Store Ballet Dancer

Kathryn Fiore as Voice of Sara Kelly

Donald L. Banks as Hack Pack

Ron Borges as Hack Pack

John Clayton as Hack Pack

Jay Glazer as Hack Pack

John C. McClain as Hack Pack

Gary Myers as Hack Pack

Chip Namias as Hack Pack

Jon Saraceno as Hack Pack

Steve Serby as Hack Pack

T. J. Simers as Hack Pack

Mike Eruzione as Club Guest

Eddie George as Club Guest

Gavin Maloof as Club Guest

Joe Maloof as Club Guest

Paul Pierce as Club Guest

Wally Szczerbiak as Club Guest

Sebastian Telfair as Club Guest

Jo Jo White as Club Guest

Debbie Connolly as ER Nurse

Lordan Napoli as Toy Store Camille Doll

Yvonne Finnerty as Nanny Yvonne

Kimberly Selby as Barking Crab Waitress

John Duff as Monroe's Brother

Scott Desano as Blake's VP

Ellen Becker-Gray as Ballet Guest (uncredited)

Eric Bruno Borgman as Party Guest (uncredited)

Jack Burke as Vendor (uncredited)

Desiree April Connolly as Ballet Guest/Restaurant

Guest/Football Fan (uncredited)

Max Cross as Extreme Fan (uncredited)

John Currie as Toy Store Shopper (uncredited)

Daryl Dimare as Football Fan (uncredited)

Vincent J. Earnshaw as Football Fan (uncredited)

Elisangela as Merry maid (uncredited)

Shelly NunChucks Finnegan as Extreme fan (uncredited)

Steve Flynn as Pediatrician (uncredited)

Susan Garibotto as Cafe Patron (uncredited)

Guy Guglielmi as Game day photographer (uncredited)

Eric Hofer as Sideline TV reporter (uncredited)

Frankie Imbergamo as Team Agent (uncredited)

Tracie Jules as Crazed Football Fan (uncredited)

Oliver Klein as Press Photographer (uncredited)

Dan Marshall as Party Guest/Restaurant Guest (uncredited)

Robert Masiello as Sky Box Guest (uncredited)

Tom McGinty as VIP Guest (uncredited)

Tony Moreira as Pilot/Relief Worker (uncredited)

Tarek Moussa as Field Photographer (uncredited)

Giovanni Pantaleo as Press Conference Photographer (uncredited)

John Pungitore as Stadium Security (uncredited)

Jaime De La Rosa as Extreme Football Fan (uncredited)

James Ryen as Boston Rebels Player (uncredited)

Jaclyn Sabogal as Girl in Toy Store (uncredited)

Steve Scarfo as NFL Line Judge (uncredited)

Natalie Teager as Football Player's Girlfriend (uncredited)

Rob Williams as #55 Boton Rebels (uncredited)

Edward X. Young as Bearded Sportscaster/Second Photographer

/Sports Reporter singing (uncredited)

Tanoai Reed as Stunt Double for Mr. Johnson

Mike Peavy as Helicopter Pilot

Tali Ena as Stunt Double

E. Leon Murray as Stunt Double

Robert Kent Jr. as Stunt Double

Geir Gudmundson as Football Player

Marcus 'Snowball' Owen as Football Player

Chris Anthony as Football Player

Michael Blair as Football Player

Carl Bond as Football Player

Mike Brown as Football Player

Howard Clark as Football Player

Keita Crespina as Football Player

Chris Daplito as Football Player

Silas Demary as Football Player

Bill Duff as Football Player

Robert Gordon as Football Player

Bill Gramatica as Football Player

Ernest Grant as Football Player

Ricky Hall as Football Player

Daryl Hammond as Football Player

Kelvin Ingram as Football Player

Kevin Ingram as Football Player

Terrance Joseph as Football Player

Greg Lefever as Football Player

Brian Mann as Football Player

Rod Manuel as Football Player

Willis Marshall as Football Player

Steve Mascorro as Football Player

Doug Miller as Football Player

Lamont Moore as Football Player

Charlie Morris as Football Player

Joe Norman as Football Player

Ben Nowland as Football Player

Jonathan Ordway as Football Player

Duke Pettijohn as Football Player

Idris Price as Football Player

Oscar Sturgis as Football Player

Kerry Taylor as Football Player

Gillis Wilson as Football Player

Kyle Wiren as Football Player

Talib Wise as Football Player

Melanie Atkins as Skeleton Dance Crew

Heather Myers as Skeleton Dance Crew

Melissa Hough as Skeleton Dance Crew

Sabi Varga as Skeleton Dance Crew

Tai Jimenez as Skeleton Dance Crew

Sara Wrath as Skeleton Dance Crew

Emily Aubrey as Ballet Dancer

Lauren Baltrus as Ballet Dancer

Alexandra Berg as Ballet Dancer

Elizabeth Bogis as Ballet Dancer

Jaqueline Bologna as Ballet Dancer

Laura Borodic as Ballet Dancer

Abigail Bushnell as Ballet Dancer

Madison Carvello as Ballet Dancer

Alisa Castagno as Ballet Dancer

Sophia Clarke as Ballet Dancer

Jessica Conroy as Ballet Dancer

Paul Craig as Ballet Dancer

Mica Rae Curtin-Bowen as Ballet Dancer

Marty Davis as Ballet Dancer

Xavier Ferreira as Ballet Dancer

Lauren Fitzpatrick as Ballet Dancer

Dina Ginzburg as Ballet Dancer

Olivia Goodson as Ballet Dancer

Ana Harmon as Ballet Dancer

Alexandra Heier as Ballet Dancer

Lauren Herefindahl as Ballet Dancer

Tessa Jones as Ballet Dancer

Katya Karpova as Ballet Dancer

Rebecca Krumel as Ballet Dancer

Isabella Kulkarni as Ballet Dancer

John Lam as Ballet Dancer

Caitlin Miller as Ballet Dancer

Emily Mistretta as Ballet Dancer

Julia Mitchell as Ballet Dancer

Jefferson Payne as Ballet Dancer

Elizabeth Powell as Ballet Dancer

Anelise Ramsay as Ballet Dancer

Alexandra Ramsey as Ballet Dancer

Ricardo Rhodes as Ballet Dancer

Christian Squires as Ballet Dancer

Dylan Tedaldi as Ballet Dancer

Carly Topazio as Ballet Dancer

Sarah Vachon as Ballet Dancer

Sara Valverdi as Ballet Dancer

Bronwyn Wada-Gill as Ballet Dancer

James Whiteside as Ballet Dancer

Elizabeth Wisdom as Ballet Dancer

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