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The Garbage Pail Kids Movie


Released 1987

Rodney Amateau = Director

Rodney Amateau = Producer

Michael Lloyd = Co-Producer

Melinda Palmer = Co-Producer

Thomas Coleman = Executive Producer

Michael Rosenblatt = Executive Producer

Phil Fondacaro as Greaser Greg

Anthony Newley as Cap'n Manzini

Mackenzie Astin as Dodger

Katie Barberi as Tangerine

Ron MacLachlan as Juice

J. P. Amateau as Wally

Marjory Graue as Blythe

Debbie Lee Carrington as Valerie Vomit & Voice

Kevin Thompson as Ali Gator & Voice

Robert Bell as Foul Phil

Larry Green as Nat Nerd

Arturo Gil as Windy Winston & Voice

Sue Rossitto as Messy Tessie

John Cade as Bartender

Lynn Cartwright as Authorative Voice & Fashion Show Host

Chester Grimes as Sandalfoot Biker

Patty Lloyd as Foster Mother

Leo V. Gordon as Guard #1

Gavin Moloney as Guard #2

Lindy Huddleson as Girl with Mask & Blonde Boy

Kristine McKeon as Girl #1

Debbie Lytton as Girl #2

John Herman Shaner as Police Officer

Joan L. Burton as Woman in Theatre

Jim Cummings as Voices of Greaser Greg & Nat Nerd

Chloe Amateau as Voice of Foul Phil

Teri Benaron as Voice of Messy Tessie

Nicolas Pernisco as Gangster Kid 1 (uncredited)

Dan Zettel as Bouncer (uncredited)

Todd Amateau as Stuntperson

Paul Baxley as Stuntperson

Charlie Croughwell as Stuntperson

Jody Gates as Stuntperson

Alex Sharp as Stuntperson

Stagg Summers as Stuntperson

Mary Albee as Stuntperson

Steve Mack as Stuntperson

Ross Sherman as Stuntperson

Randy Connor as Stuntperson

Gary Littlejohn as Stuntperson

Gene Le Bell as Stuntperson

Faith Minton as Stuntperson

Doc D. Charbonneau as Stuntperson

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