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Garfield 2

A Tale of Two Kitties


Released 2006

Tim Hill = Director

John Davis = Producer

Michele Imperato Stabile = Executive Producer

Brian Manis = Executive Producer

Breckin Meyer as Jon Arbuckle

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Liz

Billy Connolly as Dargis

Bill Murray as Voice of Garfield

Ian Abercrombie as Smithee

Roger Rees as Mr. Hobbs

Lucy Davis as Abby

Lena Cardwell as Teenage Tourist

Veronica Alicino as Veterinary Assistant

Jane Carr as Mrs. Whitney

Oliver Muirhead as Mr. Greene

J B Blanc as Hotel Porter

Vernee Watson-Johnson as Tourist #2

Russell Milton as Bobby

Ben Falcone as American Tourist

Bryce Lennon as Police Sergeant

Judith (Judi) Shekoni as Tour Guide

Melanie Tolbert as Waitress

David Kallaway as Darts Guy

Brian Manis as Contractor

Roscoe Lee Browne as Narrator

Greg Ellis as Voice of Nigel

Bob Hoskins as Voice of Winston

Sharon Osbourne as Voice of Christophe

Tim Curry as Voice of Prince

Joe Pasquale as Voice of I, Claudius

Jane Leeves as Voice of Eenie

Jane Horrocks as Voice of Meenie

Richard E. Grant as Voice of Preston

Vinnie Jones as Voice of Rommel

Rhys Ifans as Voice of McBunny

Jim Piddock as Voice of Bolero

Kenneth Danziger as Additional Voices

Susan Leslie as Additional Voices

Neil Dickson as Additional Voices

Hope Levy as Additional Voices

Robin Atkin Downes as Additional Voices

Paula Jane Newman as Additional Voices

Johnny Gidcomb as Additional Voices

Justin Moran Shenkarow as Additional Voices

Jean Gilpin as Additional Voices

Mark Sussman as Additional Voices

Andrew Kreiss as Additional Voices

Diz White as Additional Voices

Peter Lavin as Additional Voices

Marie Del Marco as Pub Guest (uncredited)

Tricia Rockman as British Maid (uncredited)

Joe Towne as Garfield, Prince, Various Animals (archive sound)

Martin Tyler as Announcer (voice) (uncredited)

Steve Rizzo as Stuntperson

Allan Bragg as Stuntperson

T. Ryan Mooney as Stuntperson

Myron Howes as Stuntperson

Michael Heizhaus as Stuntperson

Noelle Polhert as Stuntperson

Nina Alexander as Stuntperson

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