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Released 2004

Peter Hewitt = Director

John Davis = Producer

Michele Imperato Stabile = Co-Producer

Brian Manis = Co-Producer

John Kilkenny = Associate Producer

Neil A. Machlis = Executive Producer

Breckin Meyer as Jon

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Liz

Stephen Tobolowsky as Happy Chapman

Bill Murray as Voice of Garfield

Evan Arnold as Wendell

Mark Christopher Lawrence as Christopher Mello

Vanessa Christelle as Miss Ace Hardware

Daamen J. Krall as Announcer

Rufus Gifford as Dog Owner #1

Randee Reicher as Dog Owner #2

Ryan McKasson as Dog Owner #3

Susan Moore as Dog Owner #4

Eve Brent as Mrs. Baker

Bill Hoag as Roy the Lodge Member

Michael Monks as Deputy Hopkins

Mel Rodriguez as Security Officer

Juliette Goglia as Little Girl

Ben Kronen as Older Man

Fabio Serafini as Red Cap

Jerry Hauck as Cop

Jerry Giles as Conductor

Evan Helmuth as Steward

Annalea Rawicz as Information Agent

Danny Gil as Engineer #1

Leyna Nguyen as News Reporter

Frank Payne as Engineer #2

Joe Ochman as Engineer #3

Joe Bays as Raccoon Lodge Member

Danna Hansen as Older Woman

Joseph Edward Taylor as Frank

John F. Schaffer as Larry

Ariel Joseph Towne as Technician

Joseph Hale as Little Girl's Dad

Nick Cannon as Voice of Louis

Alan Cumming as Volice of Persnikitty

David Eigenberg as Voice of Nermal

Brad Garrett as Voice of Luca

Jimmy Kimmel as Voice of Spanky

Debra Messing as Voice of Arlene

Richard Kind as Voice of Dad Rat

Debra Jo Rupp as Voice of Mom Rat

Jordan Kaiser as Voice of Kid Rat

Wyatt Smith as Voice of Kid Rat

Alyson Stoner as Voice of Kid Rat

Jim Davis as Drunken Conventioner (uncredited)

Rick Barker as Stuntperson

Bret Kiene as Stuntperson

Oliver Keller as Stuntperson

Krissy Raden as Stuntperson

Theo Kypri as Stuntperson

Larry Holt as Stuntperson

George Palmiero as Stuntperson

Barbara Klein as Stuntperson

Jack West as Stuntperson

Mark Mulvehill as Stuntperson

Brad Alan as Stuntperson

Samuel W. Reynolds as Stuntperson

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