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The Gatling Gun


Released 1971

Robert Gordon = Director

Oscar L. Nichols = Producer

Mark Hanna = Associate Producer

Giuseppe Balestrieri = Associate Producer

John Balestrieri as Executive Producer

Guy Stockwell as Lt. Wayne Malcolm

Robert Fuller as Pvt. Sneed

Barbara Luna as Leona

Woody Strode as Runner the Scout

Patrick Wayne as Jim Boland

Pat Buttram as Tin Pot

Carlos Rivas as Two-Knife

Tommy Cook as Pvt. Elwood

Steve Conte as Pvt. Mitchell

David F. Cargo as Honorable Governor/Cpl. Benton

John Carradine as Rev. Harper 'The Reverend'

Judy Jordan as Martha Boland

Phil Harris as Luke Boland

Kalai Strode as Indian who shoots Sneed (uncredited)

Whitey Hughes as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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