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George of the Jungle 2


Released 2003

David Grossman = Director

Jordan Kerner = Producer

Gregg Hoffman = Producer

Daniel Jason Heffner = Co-Producer

Christopher Showerman as George

Julie Benz as Ursula

Angus T. Jones as George Jr

Thomas Haden Church as Lyle Van de Groot

Christina Pickles as Beatrice Stanhope

John Cleese as Voice of Ape

Michael Clarke Duncan as Voice of Mean Lion

John Kassir as Voice of Rocky & Armando

Kevin Greutert as Voice of Tookie

Keith Scott as Voice of Narrator

Kelly Miller as Betsy

Kirstie Hutton as Tiffany

Chelsea Gibb as Courtney

Richard J. Mueck as Ape Suit Performer

Erika Heynatz as Kowalski

Marjean Holden as Sally

Lydell M. Cheshier as Bateke

Abdoulaye N'Gom as Kip

Lamont Thompson as N'Dugu

Kerry Casey as Grouchy Gorilla

Marco Sinigaglia as Dopey Gorilla

Shaun Mackay as Happy Gorilla

Kevin Michael Richardson as Voice of Grouchy Ape & Chimp

Tress MacNeille as Voice of Tiger

Dee Bradley Baker as Voice of Water Buffalo & Little Monkey

Dean Vegas as Elvis Impersonator

Paul Wayne as Kenny Rogers Impersonator

Daniel Seeto as Ancient Asian Man

Peta Sergeant as Attractive Woman

Jeff McTaggart as Helicopter Pilot

Samuel Heyburn as Helicopter Cop

Tony Bellette as Tourist Man

Gavin Coleman as Beehive Dozer Driver

Bryon Williams as Doctor Kerner

Jai Taylor as Charlie

Joey Nickles as Man at Craps Table

Peter Moore as Waiter

Rick Attard as Removalist

Keith S. Bullock as Security Guard

Simon Burvill-Holmes as Security Guard

Chris Cruickshanks as Little Person Under Table

Joan Hatton as Granny

Lee James as Man Near Pool

Eric J. Thill as Distardly Disciple

Amy Pursehouse as Flight Attendant

Jordan Kerner as Airline Passenger

Audrey Wells as Airline Passenger

David Hoberman as Airline Passenger

Scooper as Tookie

Louis Smith as Guard

Michael Moore as Guard

Nicole Payten-Just as Ape Singer

Rachel Kayrooz as Ape Singer

Belinda Rose as Ape Singer

William Deer as Oompah Band Member

Garry Lawrence as Oompah Band Member

John Tucker as Oompah Band Member

Primo Pin as Oompah Band Member

Leanne Ludwig as Oompah Band Member

Sandy Attwater as Oompah Band Member

Paul Mitton as Featured Extra (uncredited)

Kyle Gardiner as George Stunt Double

Sheree Swords as Ursula Stunt Double

Angela Moore as Beatrice & Kowalski Stunt Double

Jesse Phillips as George Jr. Stunt Double

Annette Van Moorsel as Sally Stunt Double

Gavin Coleman as Stuntperson

Greg Skipper as Stuntperson

Bradd Buckley as Stuntperson

Nick Lawson as Stuntperson

Darrell Walsh as Stuntperson

Renee Bowen as Stuntperson

Haydon Dalton as Stuntperson

Cameron Ambridge as Stuntperson

Melanie Payton-Smith as Stuntperson

Scott O'Donnell as Stuntperson

Yoshi Hiramoto as Stuntperson

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