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George of the Jungle


Released 1997

Sam Weisman = Director

David Hoberman = Producer

Jordan Kerner = Producer

Jon Avnet = Producer

Terry Austin = Associate Producer

Paula M. Endara = Associate Producer

Lou Arkoff = Co-Producer

C. Tad Devlin = Executive Producer

Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle

Leslie Mann as Ursula Stanhope

Thomas Haden Church as Lyle van de Groot

Richard Roundtree as Kwame

Greg Cruttwell as Max, van de Groot's Sidekick Thug

Abraham Benrubi as Thor, van de Groot's Sidekick Thug

Holland Taylor as Beatrice Stanhope, Ursula's Mom

Kelly Miller as Betsy

John Bennett Perry as Arthur Stanhope, Ursula's Dad

John Cleese as Voice of An Ape Named 'Ape'

Michael Chinyamurindi as N'Dugu

Abdoulaye N'Gom as Kip

Lydell M. Cheshier as Bateke

Keith Scott as Narrator

Spencer Garrett as Male Guest at Party

Jon Pennell as Male Guest at Party

Lauren Bowles as Ursula's Friend

Afton Smith as Ursula's Friend

Samantha Harris as Ursula's Friend

Joseph as Lion

Kaleb as Lion

Bongo as Lion

Tai as Shep

Tookie as Tookie

Scooper as Tookie

Hopper as Tookie

Binx as Little Monkey

Zakery as Little Monkey

Emely as Little Monkey

Nameer El-Kadi as Named Ape Suit Performer

Hans Schoeber as Mercenary

Alexander Denk as Mercenary

Sven-Ole Thorsen as Mercenary (Gunther)

Rodney Louis Johnson as Jailer

Peter F. Giddings as TV Weatherman

Terilyn Joe as Terilyn, TV Anchor

Michel Camus as Cameraman

Valerie Perri as TV Reporter

Mayor Willie L. Brown Jr. as Himself

Carrie Zanoline as Perfume Lady

Garrett Griffin as Fireboat Captain

Harve Cook as Bongo Drummer at Dance Club

Aristide Sumatra as Bongo Drummer at Dance Club

Noah John Cardoza as George, Jr.

Benjamin John Cardoza as George, Jr.

Tom Fisher as Gorilla Suit Performer

Philip Tan as Gorilla Suit Performer

Jody St. Michael as Gorilla Suit Performer

Leif Tilden as Gorilla Suit Performer

Robert Tygner as Ape Puppeteer

Michelan Sisti as Puppeteer

Julianne Buescher as Puppeteer

Pons Maar as Puppeteer

Peter Hurst as Puppeteer

Peter Abrahamson as Puppeteer

Duke K. W. Cullen as Puppeteer

Gil Correa as Puppeteer

Michael Scanlan as Puppeteer

Denise Holland as Dancer

Anne Fletcher as Dancer

Kristie Canavan as Dancer

Sal Vassalo as Dancer

Melanie Gage as Dancer

Aurorah Allain as Dancer

Diane Mizota as Dancer

Lisa Ratzin as Dancer

Joie Shettler as Dancer

Sharon Ferrol as Dancer

Tara Schwartz as Dancer

Robbin Tasha-Ford as Dancer

Margo Blas as Caterer (uncredited)

Jake Gentry as Caterer with Tray (uncredited)

Tim Glenn as Waiter (uncredited)

Jeannette Kerner as player (uncredited)

Jewel McDonald as Shop Owner (uncredited)

Mary Ann Schmidt as Customer at Department Store (uncredited)

Joey Preston as George Stunt Double

Jeffrey Jones as George Parachutist Stunt Double

Nancy Thurston as Ursula Stunt Double

Tricia M. Peters as Ursula Stunt Double

Tim Rigby as Lyle Stunt Double

Steve Blalock as Lyle Stunt Double

Seth Arnett as Max Stunt Double

Mark Ginther as Thor Stunt Double

John Evanko as Stuntperson

Patrick McGroarty as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Charlie Sammut as Stuntperson

Steven Chambers as Stuntperson

Mickey White as Stuntperson

Eddy Donno as Stuntperson

George Marshall Ruge as Stuntperson

John C. Meier as Stuntperson

J. N. Roberts as Stuntperson

Ladette Ruplinger as Stuntperson

Jeff Evans as Stuntperson

Danny Epper as Stuntperson

Kevin L. Jackson as Stuntperson

Michael M. Vendrell as Stuntperson

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