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An American Legend


Released 1993

Walter Hill = Director

Walter Hill = Producer

Neil Canton = Producer

Michael S. Glick = Executive Producer

Jason Patric as Lt. Charles Gatewood

Gene Hackman as Brig. Gen. George Crook

Robert Duvall as Al Sieber

Wes Studi as Geronimo

Matt Damon as Lt. Britton Davis

Rodney A. Grant as Mangas

Kevin Tighe as Brig. Gen. Nelson Miles

Steve Reevis as Chato

Carlos Palomino Sgt. Turkey

Victor Aaron as Ulzana

Stuart Proud Eagle Grant as Sgt. Dutchy

Stephen McHattie as Schoonover

John Finn as Capt. Hentig

Lee de Broux as City Marshal Hawkins

Rino Thunder as Old Nana

Hoke Howell as Billy Pickett

Richard Martin Jr. as Apache Medicine Man

J. Young as Hawkins' Deputy

Raliegh Wilson as Yaqui Dave

Jackie Old Coyote as Apache Vision Woman

Monty Bass as Dead Shot

Pato Hoffmann as The Dreamer

Scott Crabbe as Courier at Ball

Patricia Pretzinger as Woman at Ball

Roger Callard as Sgt. Mulrey

Juddson Keith Linn as Bronco Apache

Mark Boone Junior as Afraid Miner

M. C. Gainey as Unafraid Miner

Michael Ruud as Chaplain

Michael Minjarez as Dandy Jim

Burnette Bennett as Skip-Hey

Davina Smith as Dead Shot's Wife

Jonathan Ward as C. S. Fly

Luis Contreras as Rurale Officer

Jacquelin Lee as Apache Woman

Jim Manygoats as Ailing Apache

Scott Wilson as Redondo

Eva Larson Catina Waitress

Greg Goossen as Schoonover Gang Member

Sonny Skyhawk as Schoonover Gang Member

Michael Adams as Schoonover Gang Member

Walter Robles as Schoonover Gang Member

Anthony Schmidt as Schoonover Gang Member

Jim Beaver as Proclamation Officer

Buzz Augare as Native American

Arland F. Ben as Native American

Virgil Joe Ben as Native American

Bill Brown as Native American

Clifford Brown as Native American

Jimmy Brownfeather as Native American

James Burgdorf as Native American

Michael Case as Native American

R. B. Dunn as Native American

Jefferson Gatewood as Native American

Frank Gobert as Native American

Anderson Harvey as Native American

Steven Holiday as Native American

Craig Iron Pipe as Native American

George Lee as Native American

Aarie E. Madplume as Native American

Harrison Nez as Native American

Henry Nez Jr. as Native American

Peter P. Oliver as Native American

Leo J. Saggboy as Native American

Donahue Tom as Native American

Robert S. Whipple as Native American

Larry White Jr. as Native American

Kurt Hamilton Cox as Cavalry Soldier

Cary A. Davisson as Cavalry Soldier

Barry Edward as Cavalry Soldier

Robert Erickson as Cavalry Soldier

Mark B. Farris as Cavalry Soldier

Chuck Fitzpatrick as Cavalry Soldier

Glen Gamble as Cavalry Soldier

Eric W. Glatthaar as Cavalry Soldier

William C. Honohan as Cavalry Soldier

Armond Jones as Cavalry Soldier

Francisco Cruz Lopez as Cavalry Soldier

Kevin McNiven as Cavalry Soldier

Mark Myers as Cavalry Soldier

Gary L. Norwood as Cavalry Soldier

Richard Jay Reed as Cavalry Soldier

Sam Reed as Cavalry Soldier

Lonnie Rodriguez as Cavalry Soldier

Stanley Schultz as Cavalry Soldier

Michael Stein as Cavalry Soldier

James N. Strouss as Cavalry Soldier

William Paul Brown as Stuntperson

Danny Costa as Stuntperson

Dennis Deveaugh as Stuntperson

Richard Duran as Stuntperson

Tom Elliott as Stuntperson

Pat Judge Hall as Stuntperson

Clifford Happy as Stuntperson

C. L. Johnson as Stuntperson

Dutch Lunak as Stuntperson

Bill McIntosh as Stuntperson

Danny O'Haco as Stuntperson

Jim Pratt as Stuntperson

Jack Verbois as Stuntperson

Greg Walker as Stuntperson

Mike Watson as Stuntperson

Webster Whinery as Stuntperson

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