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Get Smart


Released 2008

Peter Segal = Director

Andrew Lazar = Producer

Michael Ewing = Producer

Charles Roven = Producer

Alex Gartner = Producer

John Hockridge = Associate Producer

Alan G. Glazer = Co-Producer

Peter Segal = Executive Producer

Steve Carell = Executive Producer

Brent O'Connor = Executive Producer

Jimmy Miller = Executive Producer

Dana Goldberg = Executive Producer

Bruce Berman = Executive Producer

Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, Agent 86

Anne Hathaway as Agent 99

Dwayne Johnson as Agent 23

Alan Arkin as The Chief

Terence Stamp as Siegfried

Terry Crews as Agent 91

David Koechner as Larabee

James Caan as The President

Bill Murray as Agent 13

Patrick Warburton as Hymie

Masi Oka as Bruce

Nate Torrence as Lloyd

Ken Davitian as Shtarker

David S. Lee as Krstic

Dalip Singh as Dalip

Geoff Pierson as Vice President

Kelly Karbacz as Judy

Arthur Darbinyan as Russian Bad Guy

Bill Romanowski as Air Marshall

Mark Ivanir as Russian Guy in Bathroom

Lindsay Hollister as Max's Dance Partner

Dimitri Diatchenko as Russian Underling

Richard V. Licata as Russian Leader

Greg Joung Paik as North Korean General

Joey Yu as North Korean Soldier

Mike Akrawi as Arab Man

John Abiskaron as Arab Man

Kerry Lai Fatt as Tour Guide

David A. Parker as Agent 50

Bonnie Hellman as Karen

John Farley as Agent 38

Jonathan Loughran as Orange Team Guy

Felisha Terrell as CONTROL Assistant

Jeff Tanner as CONTROL Assistant

Jasper Pendergrass as Budweiser Delivery Guy

Carl Crevier as Restaurant Agent

David Schaap as Restaurant Agent

Peter Weireter as Airline Passenger

Thomas Garner as Airline Passenger

Danielle Bisutti as Airline Passenger

Jessica Barth as Flight Attendant

David Fabrizio as Pilot

John Eddins as Co-Pilot

Alex Kudrystky as Russian Farmhand

Tatyana Kaboulova as Pretty Woman at Party

Moshana Halbert as Pretty Woman at Party

Sergey Priselkov as Russian Farmer

Jane Gilchrist as Bakery Counter Woman

Todd Sherry as KAOS Office Worker

David Aranovich as Russian Son

Ivy Bethune as Russian Mother

Larry Miller as CIA Agent

Kevin Nealon as CIA Agent

Blake Clark as General

Cedric Yarbrough as Tate

James Moses Black as CONTROL Prison Guard

Bernie Kopell as Opel Driver

Michael Peter Catanzarite as Secret Service Agent

Tim DeKay as Secret Service Agent

Jerry Sherman as Conductor

Matthew Glave as Secret Service Agent Driver

Brad Grunberg as Golfer

Leonard Stern as Cesna Pilot

Sean Segal as Kid in Minivan

Karri Turner as Mom in Minivan

Stephen Dunham as Secret Service Commander

Oliver as Fang

Daisy as Fang

Ryan Seacrest as Himself

Don Abernathy as Man in Tuxedo/Disney Audience (uncredited)

Andre Alexsen as Secret Sevice K9 Cop/Animal Handler Trainer (uncredited)

David Winston Barge as CONTROL Agent (uncredited)

William Charlton as German Spy #1 (uncredited)

Nadia David as Hotel Maid (uncredited)

Jennifer De Minco as Agent (uncredited)

Aurelius DiBarsanti as N. Korean Soldier (uncredited)

Molyneau DuBelle as Museum Tourist (uncredited)

Fred Fein as Golfer (uncredited)

Mo Gallini as Drug Lord (uncredited)

Michael Wingate Jones as Businessman (uncredited)

Butch Klein as Commuter (uncredited)

Vinicius Machado as Valet #2 (uncredited)

Dalia Marom as Cafe Waitress (uncredited)

David Newham as Control Agent (uncredited)

Phoebe Price as Window Shopper (uncredited)

Chris Reid as Musician (uncredited)

Nicholas Rich as Russian Guard with Dog (uncredited)

Shant Sarkissian as SWAT Agent (uncredited)

Arne Starr as Museum Tourist (uncredited)

Julian Scott Urena as Drug Lord (uncredited)

Amanda Walion as School Kid (uncredited)

Günther Ziegler as Russian Agent (uncredited)

Erik M. Solky as Stuntperson

Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

Shauna Duggins as Stuntperson

Christian J. Fletcher as Stuntperson

Diana R. Lupo as Stuntperson

Tanoai Reed as Stuntperson

Darrell Davis as Stuntperson

Pamela Manos as Stuntperson

Craig Hosking as Stuntperson

Rick Avery as Stuntperson

Nicolas Huard as Stuntperson

William Whitsitt as Stuntperson

Theo Kypri as Stuntperson

Stéphane Julien as Stuntperson

John-Sebastian Cote as Stuntperson

David Hugghins as Stuntperson

David Schultz as Stuntperson

Jon Sikorsky as Stuntperson

Todd Warren as Stuntperson

Brian Machleit as Stuntperson

David Mattey as Stuntperson

Christopher Palermo as Stuntperson

Louis Paquette as Stuntperson

Eliza Coleman as Stuntperson

Tad Griffith as Stuntperson

Gene Hartline as Stuntperson

Jim Wilkey as Stuntperson

Chris Howell as Stuntperson

Ken C. Tran as Stuntperson

Marc Moisan as Stuntperson

Robin Lynn Bonaccorsi as Stuntperson

Terry Jackson as Stuntperson

Ross A. Jordan as Stuntperson

Jeff Chumas as Stuntperson

Rick Miller as Stuntperson

Rich Minga as Stuntperson

Pete Turner as Stuntperson

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