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Released 2009

Hoyt H. Yeatman Jr. = Director

Jerry Bruckheimer = Producer

Pat Sandston = Associate Producer

Ted Elliott = Associate Producer

Terry Rossio = Associate Producer

Ryota Kashida = Associate Producer

Bill Nighy as Leonard Saber

Will Arnett as Kip Killian

Zach Galifianakis as Ben

Kelli Garner as Marcie

Tyler Patrick Jones as Connor

Piper Mackenzie Harris as Penny

Gabriel Casseus as Agent Carter

Jack Conley as Agent Trigstag

Niecy Nash as Rosalita

Justin Mentell as Terrell

Loudon Wainwright III as Grandpa Goodman

Chris Ellis Jr. as FBI Director

Travis Davis as Agent #1

James Huang as Agent #2

Corey Michael Eubanks as Agent #3

Steve Kelso as Agent #4

Eddie Yansick as Agent #5

Troy Robinson as Agent #6

Mini Anden as Christa, Saber's Assistant

Cameron Engels as Skateboarder #1

Michael Papajohn as FBI Techie

Algerita Wynn Lewis as Traffic Cop

Bob Sherer as Golf Course Exterminator

Jennifer England as Falling Waitress

Jason Hellmann as Fireworks Tech

Nicholas L. Teta as SWAT Leader

Nicolas Cage as Voice of Speckles

Sam Rockwell as Voice of Darwin

Jon Favreau as Voice of Hurley

PenÚlope Cruz as Voice of Juarez

Steve Buscemi as Voice of Bucky

Tracy Morgan as Voice of Blaster

Hoyt Yeatman IV as Voice of Mice

Max Favreau as Voice of Mice

Dee Bradley Baker as Voice of Mooch

Vincent De Paul as Mr. Bates (uncredited)

Paul Joyner as NSA Agent (uncredited)

Helen Tucker as Ms. Bates (uncredited)

Jan Nuuhiwa as Woman with Curlers (uncredited)

Jabari Simba as Company Party Guest (uncredited)

Arne Starr as Barney (uncredited)

Rick Marcus as Saber Stunt Double

David Paul Olsen as Saber Stunt Double

Anthony Molinari as Ben Stunt Double

Pete Turner as Kip Stunt Double

Shauna Duggins as Marcie Stunt Double

Brian Simpson as Trigstad Stunt Double

C. C. Taylor as Carter Stunt Double

Shane Anderson as Stuntperson

Brian Avery as Stuntperson

Jeff Chumas as Stuntperson

Clay Cullen as Stuntperson

Richard Epper as Stuntperson

Tom Erickson as Stuntperson

Dorian Kingi as Stuntperson

Derek Mears as Stuntperson

Allen Robinson as Stuntperson

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