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Ghost Rider


Released 2007

Mark Steven Johnson = Director

Avi Arad = Producer

Steven Paul = Producer

Michael De Luca = Producer

Gary Foster = Producer

E. Bennett Walsh = Executive Producer

Ari Arad = Executive Producer

Stan Lee = Executive Producer

Norman Golightly = Executive Producer

David S. Goyer = Executive Producer

Lynwood Spinks = Executive Producer

Matt Long as Young Johnny Blaze

Raquel Alessi as Young Roxanne Simpson

Brett Cullen as Barton Blaze

Peter Fonda as Mephistopheles

Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze & Ghost Rider

Donal Logue as Mack

Tony Ghosthawk as Team Blaze

Hugh Sexton as Team Blaze

Marcus Jones as Team Blaze

Matt Norman as Team Blaze

Cameron Steele as X Games Announcer

Wes Bentley as Blackheart

Eddie Baroo as Motorcycle Gang Member

Jessica Napier as Broken Spoke Waitress

Laurence Breuls as Gressil

Daniel Frederiksen as Wallow

Mathew Wilkinson as Abigor

Kirstie Hutton as Amy Page

Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson

Gibson Nolte as Stuart

Ryan Johnson as Waiter

Jonathon Oldham as Motorcycle Cop

Peter Callan as Station Master

Rebel Wilson as Girl in Alley

Peter Barry as The Mugger

Bruce Hughes as Penance Stare Pharmacist

Rita Kalnejais as Penance Stare Mugger’s Girlfriend

Sam Elliott as Caretaker & Carter Slade

David Roberts as Captain Dolan

Arthur Angel as Officer Edwards

Jason Raftopoulos as Forensics Inspector

Brett Swain as Guard

Duncan Young as Skinhead

Joel Tobeck as Redneck

Jacob Vanderpuije as Innocent Young Man

Fabio Robles as Priest

Marty Fields as Surveillance Guard

Troy Planet as Impound Worker

Charlie Garber as Officer Mackie

Vittorio Scalise as Window Cleaner

Richard Ian Cox as Helicopter Pilot

Ling Hsueh Tang as News Reporter

Estefanie Sousa as Street Person

Kenneth Ransom as T.V. Reporter (uncredited)

Alexis Porter as Makeup Artist (uncredited)

Sandy Kerr as Miss Zamitt (uncredited)

Shea Adams as Stuntperson

Lee Adamson as Stuntperson

Russell Allan as Stuntperson

Szumai Anderson as Stuntperson

Rainey Carah as Stuntperson

Roy Edmunds as Stuntperson

Morgan Evans as Stuntperson

Russell Frost as Stuntperson

Kyle Gardiner as Stuntperson

Amanda Graver as Stuntperson

Johnny Hallyday as Stuntperson

Nigel Harbach as Stuntperson

Graham Jahne as Stuntperson

Nathan James as Stuntperson

Robert Jones as stuntperson

Chris Kemp as Stuntperson

Scott McLean as Stuntperson

Danny Medica as Stuntperson

Chris Mitchell as Stuntperson

Angela Moore as Stuntperson

Chris Pace as Stuntperson

Mick Roughan as Stuntperson

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