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G.I. Blues


Released 1960

Norman Taurog = Director

Hal B. Wallis = Producer

Paul Nathan = Associate Producer

Elvis Presley as Tulsa McLean

Juliet Prowse as Lili

Robert Ivers as Cookie

James Douglas as Rick

Letícia Román as Tina

Sigrid Maier as Marla

Arch Johnson as Sgt. McGraw

Mickey Knox as Jeeter

John Hudson as Capt. Hobart

Kenneth Becker as Mac

Jeremy Slate as Turk

Beach Dickerson as Warren

Trent Dolan as Mickey

Carl Crow as Walt

Fred Essler as Papa Mueller

Ronald Starr as Harvey

Erika Peters as Trudy

Ludwig Stössel as Owner, Puppet Show

The Jordanaires as Themselves (uncredited)

Edit Angold as Mrs. Hagermann (Marla's landlady) (uncredited)

Robert Allison Baker III as Puppeteer (uncredited)

Robert Boon as German Guitarist (uncredited)

Harper Carter as MP #1 (uncredited)

Edward Coch as Bandleader (uncredited)

Walter Conrad as Chaplain (uncredited)

Richard Cowl as Musician (uncredited)

Liz Dubrock as Brunette (uncredited)

Britt Ekland as Britta (the redhead) (uncredited)

Edward Faulkner as Red (uncredited)

Bess Flowers as Patron of the Cafe Europa (uncredited)

D. J. Fontana as Musician (uncredited)

Marianne Gaba as Bargirl (uncredited)

Marilyn Gladstone as Blonde (uncredited)

Joe Gray as Soldier (uncredited)

Willy Kaufman as Kaffeehaus manager (uncredited)

Fred Kruger as Herr Klugmann (has beer poured on his head by Lili) (uncredited)

Karen Mann as Waitress (uncredited)

Tip McClure as MP #2 (uncredited)

Hannerl Melcher as Strolling girl singer (uncredited)

Torben Meyer as Headwaiter (uncredited)

Harold Miller as Patron of Cafe Europa (uncredited)

Scotty Moore as Musician (uncredited)

Elisha Mott as Sergeant (uncredited)

Judith Rawlins as Fritzie (uncredited)

Gene Roth as Businessman #1 (with Klugmann) (uncredited)

Don Sahlin as Puppeteer (uncredited)

Michael Sargent as MP #3 (uncredited)

Edson Stroll as Sgt 'Dynamite' Bixby (uncredited)

Sally Todd as Bargirl (uncredited)

Blaine Turner as Bartender (uncredited)

Dick Winslow as Orchestra Leader (uncredited)

F. Alton Wood as Puppeteer (uncredited)

Roy Wright as Businessman #2 (with Klugmann) (uncredited)

Trude Wyler as Bit part (uncredited)

Joe Gray as Stuntperson (uncredited)

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