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G.I. Jane


Released 1997

Ridley Scott = Director

Ridley Scott = Producer

Roger Birnbaum = Producer

Demi Moore = Producer

Suzanne Todd = Producer

Terry Needham = Associate Producer

Diane Minter Lewis = Associate Producer

Tim McBride = Associate Producer

Nigel Wooll = Co-Producer

Danielle Alexandra = Executive Producer

Julie Bergman Sender = Executive Producer

Chris Zarpas = Executive Producer

Demi Moore as Jordan O'Neill

Viggo Mortensen as Master Chief John James Urgayle

Anne Bancroft as Lillian DeHaven

Jason Beghe as Royce

Daniel von Bargen as Theodore Hayes

John Michael Higgins as Chief of Staff

Kevin Gage as Instructor Pyro

David Warshofsky as Instructor Johns

David Vadim as Cortez

Morris Chestnut as McCool

Josh Hopkins as Flea

James Caviezel as Slovnik

Boyd Kestner as Wickwire

Angel David as Newberry

Stephen Ramsey as Stamm

Gregg Bello as Miller

Scott Wilson as C. O. Salem

Lucinda Jenney as Blondell

Ted Sutton as Flag Officer

Gary Wheeler as Flag Officer

Donn Swaby as Yeoman Davis

Jack Gwaltney as Goldstein

Neal Jones as Duty Officer

Rhonda Overby as Civilian Secretary

Stephen Mendillo as Admiral O'Connor

Dan DePaola as Cook Compliments

Susan Aston as Civilian Girl

John Seitz as J.A.G.

Kent Lindsey as J.A.G.

Bob Moore as WNM Reporter

Harry Humphries as Artillery Instructor

Michael Currie as Commission Speaker

Steve Gonzales as Press Hound

Arthur Max as Barber

Billy Dowd as Photographer

Duffy Gaver as Instructor & Stuntperson

Scott Helvenston as Instructor & Stuntperson

Phil Neilson as Hostile Rat

Dimitri Diatchenko as Trainee

David Bruce as Trainee

David Overton as Trainee

Hashem Shaalan as Trainee

Chris Soule as Trainee

Joseph Merzak Makkar as Libyan Sentry

Rick Cramer as Scorpion Leader (uncredited)

Dani Englander as DeHaven Aide (uncredited)

Joseph Epinette as Commando (uncredited)

Lee Eskey as Treasury Lawyer (uncredited)

Rocky Essex as Humvee Vehicle Operator (uncredited)

Larry Guardino as Older soldier (uncredited)

Rodney J. Hobbs as C-SPAN technician (uncredited)

Raymond H. Johnson as Senator (uncredited)

Diandra Newlin as Jane's neighbor (uncredited)

Jim Pearson as SEAL Instructor/Stuntperson (uncredited)

Thomas Reid as DC Police Officer (uncredited)

Courtney Talbot as Bartender (uncredited)

Michael Wayne Thomas as C-SPAN Reporter (uncredited)

Scott Welchons as Military Extra (uncredited)

Irene Ziegler as DeHaven's Aide (uncredited)

Mark Lonsdale as Stuntperson

Steve Bolan as Stuntperson

G. Peter King as Stuntperson

Leigh Hennessy as Stunt Double: Demi Moore

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