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G.I. Joe

The Rise of Cobra


Released 2009

Stephen Sommers = Director

Lorenzo di Bonaventura = Producer

Brian Goldner = Producer

Bob Ducsay = Producer

Matthew Stuecken = Associate Producer

Cliff Lanning = Associate Producer

JoAnn Perritano = Co-Producer

David Womark = Executive Producer

Stephen Sommers = Executive Producer

Gary Barber = Executive Producer

Roger Birnbaum = Executive Producer

Erik Howsam = Executive Producer

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Heavy Duty

Christopher Eccleston as James McCullen & Destro

Grégory Fitoussi as Baron de Cobray

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as The Doctor & Rex Lewis

Leo Howard as Young Snake Eyes

Karolina Kurkova as Cover Girl

Byung-Hun Lee as Storm Shadow

Sienna Miller as Anastasia 'Ana' DeCobray & Baroness

David Murray as James McCullen - 1641

Rachel Nichols as Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara

Kevin J. O'Connor as Dr. Mindbender

Gerald Okamura as Hard Master

Ray Park as Snake Eyes

Jonathan Pryce as U.S. President

Dennis Quaid as General Hawk

Brandon Soo Hoo as Young Storm Shadow

Saïd Taghmaoui as Breaker

Channing Tatum as Captain Duke Hauser

Arnold Vosloo as Zartan

Marlon Wayans as Ripcord

Chris Akers as G.I. Joe Security Tech

Fabrice Baral as CNN Reporter

Michael Benyaer as Flight Control Technician

Peter Breitmayer as Dr. Hundtkinder

Michael Broderick as Screaming Man

Elena Evangelo as White House Staff #1

Mark Hames as White House Staff #2

Jacques Frantz as Bastille Prison Warden

Wayne Lopez as G.I. Joe Security Tech

Kellie Matteson as G.I. Joe Control Room Tech

Burton Perez as Bravo Soldier

Bob Rumnock as M.A.R.S. Lab Worker

Robert Russell as Bastille Prison Priest

Ashley Sommers as Little Girl

Michael J. Sommers as Neo Viper Secret Service

Gunner Wright as Secret Sevice Agent

Duncan Bravo as Foreign General #1

Charles Howerton as Foreign General #2

Robert E. Almodovar as Foreign General #3

David Jean Thomas as Foreign General #4

Ken Thomas as Apache Navigator #1

Frederic Doss as Apache Navigator #2

Buzz Covington as Apache Helicopter Pilot #1

Ron Thompson as Apache Helicopter Pilot #2

Americus Abesamis as Kitchen Monk (uncredited)

Tj Austin as Special Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Jason Castle as Soldier Pushing Grenade Cart (uncredited)

Fahim Fazli as Camel Handler (uncredited)

Brendan Fraser as Sgt. Stone (uncredited)

Jerald Garner as M.A.R.S. Tech (uncredited)

Jabbaar George as Viper Guard (uncredited)

Larry Hama as NATO General (uncredited)

James Howarth as Guard (uncredited)

Zaayan Lala as G.I. Joe Control Room Tech (uncredited)

Luoc Lee as Asian Monk (uncredited)

Melissa S. Markess as Swing Dancer (uncredited)

Dan Martino as Neo Viper Secret Service (uncredited)

Westley Nguyen as Temple Monk (uncredited)

Tom Ohmer as Special Ops Soldier (uncredited)

Joseph Stephens Jr. as Security Tech (uncredited)

Sean Velie as Submarine Captain (uncredited)

Kaleti Williams as NEO Viper (uncredited)

Brianna Womick as Parisian Girl/Cobra Soldier (uncredited)

Jennifer Caputo as Stuntperson

Sophia Crawford as Stuntperson

Shauna Duggins as Stuntperson

Zedric Harris as Stuntperson

Larry Lam as Stuntperson

Don L. Lee as Stuntperson

Anthony Martins as Stuntperson

Marcus Salgado as Stuntperson

Ronn Surels as Stuntperson

Hank Amos as Stuntperson

Paul Borne as Stuntperson

Mike Brady as Stuntperson

Brian Brown as Stuntperson

Richard Cetrone as Stuntperson

Mark Chapman as Stuntperson

Eugene Collier as Stuntperson

Clay Cullen as Stuntperson

J. J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Kevin Derr as Stuntperson

Brennan Dyson as Stuntperson

Jeremy Fitzgerald as Stuntperson

Michael Gaines as Stuntperson

Jimmy Hart as Stuntperson

Chuck Hosack as Stuntperson

Dave Hugghins as Stuntperson

Michael Hugghins as Stuntperson

Charles Ingram as Stuntperson

Kathy Jarvis as Stuntperson

Brett A. Jones as Stuntperson

Evan Kay as Stuntperson

Wayne King Jr. as Stuntperson

Horace Knight as Stuntperson

Keanu Lam as Stuntperson

Jake Lombard as Stuntperson

Dave Macomber as Stuntperson

Mike Majesky as Stuntperson

Matt McColm as Stuntperson

Ken Moreno as Stuntperson

Carrick O'Quinn as Stuntperson

Jeff Podgurski as Stuntperson

Rex Reddick as Stuntperson

Justin Riemer as Stuntperson

Larry Rippenkroeger as Stuntperson

Derry Ross Rondell as Stuntperosn

Erik Rondell as Stuntperson

Dave Schultz as Stuntperson

Brian Simpson as Stuntperson

Monty L. Simons as Stuntperson

Greg Tracy as Stuntperson

Mark Vanselow as Stuntperson

Stuart F. Wilson as Stuntperson

Victor Winters-Junco as Stuntperson

Aaron Walters as Stuntperson

Michael Hansen as Stuntperson

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