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G.I. Joe

Valor VS Venom


Released 2004

Dale Carman = Director

Steve Drucker = Producer

Will Meugniot = Producer

Daley Miller = Producer

Martin Pidel = Associate Producer

Derryl Depriest = Associate Producer

Carol Monroe = Executive Producer

John Payne as Voice of Duke

Michael Dobson as Voice of Cobra Commander

Mark Hildreth as Voice of Hi-Tech

Joseph May as Voice of Link

Venus Terzo as Voices of Jinx & News Announcer

Kevan Ohtsji as Voice of Kamakura

Jim Foronda as Voice of Dr. Mindbender

Andy Toth as Voice of Dusty

Doron Bell Jr. as Voice of Tunnel Rat

Brian Dobson as Voice of Flint

Frank Salazar as Voice of Venomous Maximus

Scott McNeil as Voices of Destro, Gung-Ho & B.A.T.

Lisa Ann Beley as Voice of Scarlett

Phil Hayes as Voices of Hawk, Chief Torpedo & Wetsuit

Blu Mankuma as Voice of Heavyduty

Colin Murdock as Voices of Overkill & Siberian Man

Lee Tockar as Voices of Shipwreck, Beachhead & Ex-Eel

Teryl Rothery as Voices of Baroness & Granny

Ty Olsson as Voice of Stormshadow

Peter Kelamis as Voice of Polly

Brian Drummond as Voices of Slash & The President

Don S. Davis as Voice of Wild Bill

Louis Chirillo as Voice of Frostbite

Emily Trice as Voices of Launch Announcer & Gauntlet Announcer

Alistair Abell as Voice of Ace

Trevor Devall as Voice of Wild Weasesl

Andrew Carman as Voice of Stevie & Additional Child Voices

Katherine Carman as Additional Child Voices

Conner Salazar as Additional Child Voices

Ian Salazar as Additional Child Voices

Adam Hudson as Additional Child Voices

Tori Hudson as Additional Child Voices

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