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The Gods Must Be Crazy II


Released 1989

Jamie Uys = Director

Boet Troskie = Producer

N!xau as Xixo

Lena Farugia as Dr. Ann Taylor

Hans Strydom as Dr. Stephen Marshall

Eiros as Xiri

Nadies as Xisa

Erick Bowen as Mateo

Treasure Tshabalala as Timi

Pierre Van Pletzen as George

Lourens Swanepoel as Brenner

Richard Loring as Jack

Lesley Fox as Ann's Secretary

Simon Sabela as General

Ken Marshall as Convener

Peter Tunstall as Chief Game Warden

Andrew Dibb as Computer Operator

Shimane Mpepela as Man on Bike

Paddy O'Byrne as Narrator

Les Reynolds as Stuntperson

Tiny Burman as Stuntperson

Gavin Genlloud as Stuntperson

Jannie Wienand as Stuntperson

Roly Jansen as Stuntperson

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