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God's Gun

Diamante Lobo


Released 1975

Frank Kramer = Director

Menahem Golan = Producer

Yoram Globus = Associate Producer

Lee Van Cleef as Father John & Lewis

Jack Palance as Sam Clayton

Richard Boone as The Sheriff

Sybil Danning as Jenny

Leif Garrett as Johnny

Robert Lipton as Jess Clayton

Cody Palance as Zeke Clayton

Ian Sander as Red Clayton

Pnina Golan as Chesty

Zila Carni as Juanita Lewis

Heinz Bernard as Judge Barrett

Didi Lukov as Rip

Ricardo David as Angel George

Chin Chin as Willy

Rafi Ben Ami as Mortimer

Franco Pesce as Crooked Gambler (uncredited)

Carolyn Stellar as Woman On Horse (uncredited)

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