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The Great Escape


Released 1963

John Sturges = Director

John Sturges = Producer

Steve McQueen as Capt. Hilts

'The Cooler King'

James Garner as Flight Lt. Hendley

'The Scrounger'

Richard Attenborough as Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett

'Big X'

James Donald as Group Capt. Ramsey

'The SBO'

Charles Bronson as Flight Lt. Danny Velinski

'The Tunnel King'

Donald Pleasence as Flight Lt. Colin Blythe

'The Forger'

James Coburn as Flying Officer Louis Sedgwick

'The Manufacturer'

Hannes Messemer as Von Luger

'The Kommandant'

David McCallum as Lt. Cmdr. Eric Ashley-Pitt


Gordon Jackson as Flight Lt. Sandy MacDonald


John Leyton as Flight Lt. Willie Dickes

'Tunnel King'

Angus Lennie as Flying Officer Archibald Ives

'The Mole'

Nigel Stock as Flight Lt. Denys Cavendish

'The Surveyor'

Robert Graf as Werner

'The Ferret'

Jud Taylor as Goff

Hans Reiser as Herr Kuhn

Harry Riebauer as Stratwitch

William Russell as Sorren

Robert Freitag as Capt. Posen

Ulrich Beiger as Preissen

George Mikell as Lt. Dietrich

Lawrence Montaigne as Haynes ('Diversions')

Robert Desmond as Griffith 'Tailor'

Til Kiwe as Frick

Heinz Weiss as Kramer

Tom Adams as Dai Nimmo ('Diversions')

Karl-Otto Alberty as Steinach

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