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The Great Outdoors


Released 1988

Howard Deutch = Director

Arne L. Schmidt = Producer

Stephen Lim = Associate Producer

Elena Spiotta = Associate Producer

John Hughes = Executive Producer

Tom Jacobson = Executive Producer

Dan Aykroyd as Roman Craig

John Candy as Chet Ripley

Stephanie Faracy as Connie Ripley

Annette Bening as Kate Craig

Chris Young as Buck Ripley

Ian Giatti as Ben Ripley

Hilary Gordon as Cara Craig

Rebecca Gordon as Mara Craig

Robert Prosky as Wally

Zoaunne LeRoy as Juanita

Lucy Deakins as Cammie

Nancy Lenehan as Waitress

John Bloom as Jimbo

Lewis Arquette as Herm

Britt Leach as Reg

Cliff Bemis as Boat Yard Owner

Paul Hansen as Hot Dog Vendor

Debra Lee Ortega as Dancing Biker Girl

Sierra Somerville as Girl in Arcade

Christine Spiotta as Woman in Crowd

Chris Bass as Lodge Patron

Shirley Harris as Lodge Customer

Christopher Kinsman as Irate Customer

Andy Prosky as Grill Chef

Brian Healy as Man in Crowd

Wendy Oates as Additional Voices

Marcia Wolf as Additional Voices

Catherine Battistone as Additional Voices

Luisa Leschin as Additional Voices

Tom Williams as Additional Voices

Bill Capizzi as Additional Voices

Steven Kramer as Additional Voices

Thomas White as Additional Voices

Bart the Bear as The Bald Bear

Raleigh Bond as Grandpa (uncredited)

Jerry Maren as player (uncredited)

Barry Thompson as Kitchen Help (uncredited)

Robert LaPoint as Stuntperson

Daniel K. Moore as Stuntperson

Steve Bolan as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

John-Clay Scott as Stuntperson

Manuel Perry as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

Laura Dash as Stuntperson

Elizabeth Barrington as Stuntperson

Robbi Morgan as Stuntperson

Scott R. Dockstader as Stuntperson

Jeff Jensen as Stuntperson

Roger Morgan as Stuntperson

Ty Crowley as Stuntperson

Linda Lee Arvidson as Stuntperson

Clint Youngreen as Bear Stuntperson

Gary Morgan as Bear Stuntperson

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