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How The Grinch Stole Christmas


Released 2000

Ron Howard = Director

Brian Grazer = Producer

Ron Howard = Producer

Aldric La'Auli Porter = Associate Producer

Louisa Velis = Associate Producer

David Womark = Associate Producer

Linda Fields-Hill = Associate Producer

Todd Hallowell = Executive Producer

Jim Carrey as Grinch

Taylor Momsen as Cindy Lou Who

Kelley as Max the Dog

Jeffrey Tambor as May Who

Christine Baranski as Martha May Whovier

Bill Irwin as Lou Lou Who

Molly Shannon as Betty Lou Who

Clint Howard as Whobris

Josh Ryan Evans as 8-Year Old Grinch

Mindy Sterling as Clarnella

Rachel Winfree as Rose

Rance Howard as Elderly Timekeeper

Jeremy Howard as Drew Lou Who

T. J. Thyne as Stu Lou Who

Lacey Kohl as Christina Whoterberry

Nadja Pionilla as Junie

Jim Meskimen as Officer Wholihan

Michael Dahlen as Customer

David Costabile as Biker Who

Mary Stein as Miss Rue Who

James Ritz as Crazy Mose

Deep Roy as Post Office Clerk

Jessica Sara as Sophie

Mason Lucero as Who Boy

Ben Bookbinder as 8 Year Old May Who

Michaela Gallo as School Girl

Landry Allbright as 8 Year Old Martha

Reid Kirchenbauer as 8 Year Old Whobris & Kid

Rebecca Chace as Shopper

Suzanne Krull as Shopper

Steve Kehela as Shopper

Lillias White as Shopper

Rain Pryor as Shopper

John Alexander as Shopper

Kevin Isola as Tree Trimmer

Gavin Grazer as Yodeler

Walter Franks as Clerk

Verne J. Troyer as Band Member

Clayton (Clay) Martinez as Cook

Q'Orianka Kilcher as Little Choir Member

Caroline Williams as Tiny Who Woman

John Short as Tiny Who Man

Grainger Esch as Near Miss Who

Eva Burkley as Pudding Chef

Rick Baker as Puppeteer

Bill Sturgeon as Pupeteer

Mark Setrakian as Puppeteer

Jurgen Heimann as Puppeteer

Tim Blaney as Pupeteer

Bryce Dallas Howard as Surprised Who

Charles Croughwell as Balloon Who

Frank Welker as Voice of Max the Dog

Anthony Hopkins as The Narrator

Heather Lea Gerdes as Whoville Choir (uncredited)

Dieter Jansen as Eddy (Voice) (uncredited)

Joost Prinsen as The Grinch (Dutch version) (uncredited)

Otto Sander as Narrator (German version) (uncredited)

Rachel Bailit as Sexy Whoville Nurse (uncredited)

Aaron Hamill as Extra (uncredited)

Ron Howard as Townsperson (uncredited)

Seth Adam Jones as Hugh Who (uncredited)

Tommy Karlsen as Small parts, People at Party, Man 2, etc. (Voice) (uncredited)

Allie McCall as Noelie (uncredited)

Christopher Metas as Who (uncredited)

Ann Mills as Shopper (uncredited)

Sloane Momsen as Little Girl Dreaming of Sugarplums (uncredited)

Frankie Ray as Who (uncredited)

Scott Sproule as Stuntperson

Pat Banta as Stuntperson

Michael Dahlen as Stuntperson

Kevin Abercrombie as Stuntperson

Laura Albert as Stuntperson

Clayton J. Barber as Stuntperson

Frisco Canyon as Stuntperson

Cameron Croughwell as Stuntperson

Joshua Croughwell as Stuntperson

Gary Dionne as Stuntperson

Richie Gaona as Stuntperson

Stas Greiner as Stuntperson

Tabby Hanson as Stuntperson

Lisa Hoyle as Stuntperson

Svetla Krasteva as Stuntperson

Jake Lombard as Stuntperson

Oxoma Nemakhova as Stuntperson

Jonathan Nosan as Stuntperson

Terry Notary as Stuntperson

Chris O'Hara as Stuntperson

Jane Oshita as Stuntperson

Michael Rice as Stuntperson

Christopher Sayour as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Gregg Smrz as Stuntperson

Pavel Soukhareu as Stuntperson

Greg Tilson as Stuntperson

Sonny Tipton as Stuntperson

Wyatt Tipton as Stuntperson

Darlene Ava Williams as Stuntperson

Gregory Wise as Stuntperson

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