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Grumpier Old Men


Released 1995

Howard Deutch = Director

John Davis = Producer

Richard C. Berman = Producer

Elena Spiotta = Associate Producer

George Folsey Jr. = Co-Producer

John J. Smith as Co-Producer

Walter Matthau as Max Goldman

Jack Lemmon as John Gustafson

Ann-Margret as Ariel Gustafson

Sophia Loren as Maria Sophia Coletta Ragetti

Burgess Meredith as Grandpa Gustafson

Daryl Hannah as Melanie Gustafson

Kevin Pollak as Jacob Goldman

Katie Sagona as Allie, Melanie's Daughter

Ann Morgan Guilbert as Mama Ragetti

James Andelin as Sven

Marcus Klemp as Eddie, Assistant Manager

Max Wright as County Health Inspector

Cheryl Hawker as Lena

Wayne A. Evenson as Handsome Hans

Allison Levine as Assistant at Dog Pound

John Patrick Martin as Reverend

Adam Ward as Skeleton

Ryan Waldoch as Power Ranger #1

James Cada as Husband Shopper

Jaclyn Ross as Wife Shopper

Kyle Christopherson as Stockboy

Michelle Johnston as Sears Salesperson

& Chicken Polka Girl

Jeffrey L. Smith as The Frugal Gourmet

Geraldo Rivera as Himself

Warren Schueneman as Old Man #1

Jack Mitsch as Old Man #2

Sterling Robson as Old Man #3

Gregory Schuneman as Pizza Kid

Denny Schusted as Limo Driver

Wallace Olson as Polka Musician

Carl Johnson as Polka Musician

Eugene Karels as Polka Musician

Lawrence Grivna as Polka Musician

Tammara Melloy as Dancer (uncredited)

Shirley Stoler as Organist at wedding (uncredited)

Tommy J. Huff as Stuntperson

Steve M. Davison as Stuntperson

Kenny Endoso as Stuntperson

Randy Johnson as Stuntperson

John C. Meier as Stuntperson

John Campbell as Stuntperson

Jennifer Caputo as Stuntperson

Freddie Hice as Stuntperson

Gary Lowe as Stuntperson

Erin Ricotti as Stuntperson

Richard Schule as Stuntperson

C. Ransom (Tansom) Walrod as Stuntperson

Gino Wilffert as Stuntperson

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