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The Gunfighters


Released 1987

Clay Borris = Director

Jeff King = Producer

Allan Stein = Co-Producer

Sonny Grosso = Executive Producer

Larry Jacobson = Executive Producer

Art Hindle as Cole Everett

Reiner Schöne as Dutch Everett

Anthony Addabbo as Matt Everett

George Kennedy as Deke Turner

Michael Kane as Gov. Hornbeck

Lori Hallier as Sally Wells

Howard Kruschke as Jake Morant

Francis Damberger as Sam Martin

Beverley Hendry as Kate Burrows

Wendell Smith as Sheriff Burrows

Moira Walley as Lorna

Dale Wilson as Coburn

Bill Meilen as Bennett

Bryan Fustukian as Henry

Eric Allan Kramer as Luke Collins

Blair Haynes as Deputy

Alex Green as Turner Gunman

Paul Whitney as Turner Gunman

Raul Tome as Joaquin

Mike Evans as Clarence Wilson

Jay Smith as Townsman

Dennis Robinson as Wes

Glenn Beck as U.S. Marshal

Steve Atkinson as Turner's Whipman

James Defelice as Manuel

Tom Glass as Stage Driver

Kent Gallie as Martin Gang Member

Paul Wood as Martin Gang Member

Kevin S. Smith as Texas Sheriff

Wilf Rowe as Barfly

Damien Keene as Turner Hand

Larry Yachimec as Turner Hand

Calvin Cairnes as Cosgrove

Will Sampson as Train passenger (uncredited)

John 'Frenchie' Berger as Mexican (uncredited)

Jan Randall as Saloon Pianist (uncredited)

Lisa Skinner as Daisy (uncredited)

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