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Released 2008

Peter Berg = Director

Akiva Goldsman = Producer

Michael Mann = Producer

Will Smith = Producer

James Lassiter = Producer

Eric Heffron = Associate Producer

Michelle McGonagle = Associate Producer

Tracey Nyberg = Associate Producer

Allegra Clegg = Co-Producer

Ian Bryce = Executive Producer

Jonathan Mostow = Executive Producer

Richard Saperstein = Executive Producer

Will Smith as John Hancock

Charlize Theron as Mary Embrey

Jason Bateman as Ray Embrey

Jae Head as Aaron Embrey

Eddie Marsan as Kenneth 'Red' Parker Jr.

David Mattey as Man Mountain

Maetrix Fitten as Matrix

Thomas Lennon as Mike

Johnny Galecki as Jeremy

Hayley Marie Norman as Hottie

Dorothy Cecchi as Woman in Dive Bar

Michelle Lemon as Girl at Bus Bench

Akiva Goldsman as Executive #1

Michael Mann as Executive #2

Brad Leland as Executive #3

Trieu Tran as Executive #4

Darrell Foster as Police Sergeant

Liz Wicker as Female Cop

Taylor Gilbert as Female Hostage

Caroll Tohme as Clapping Guy

Barbara Ali as Woman Under Ray's Car

Ryan Radis as Rail Crossing Crowd #1

Elizabeth Dennehy as Rail Crossing Crowd #2

Darren Dowler as Rail Crossing Crowd #3

John Frazier as Train Engineer

Daeg Faerch as Michel

Matthew King as Neighborhood Kid #1

Martin Magdaleno as Neighborhood Kid #2

Ronald W. Howard as Man on Street

Gregg Daniel as Police Chief

Nancy Grace as Herself

Atticus Shaffer as Boy at Bus Bench

Aaron Henderson as Ice Cream Truck Patron #1

Huy Nguyen as Ice Cream Truck Patron #2

Mary-Jessica Pitts as Ice Cream Truck Patron #3

Kalee St. Clair as Ice Cream Truck Patron #4

Donald Gibb as Convict #1

Ralph Richeson as Convict #2

Allan Havey as Convict #3

Timothy Brennen as Convict #4

Anthony Ledesma as Convict #5

Steven Pierce as Convict #6

Dominic Prampin as Convict #7

Daniel Quinn as Convict #8

Mars Crain as Convict #9

Jack Axelrod as Convict #10

Eddie J. Fernandez as Convict #11

Martin Klebba as Convict #12

Richard W. Gallegos as Angry Man #1

Marc C. Geschwind as Angry Man #2

Rob Maron as Angry Man #3

Aisha Jau as Sunglass Woman

Pritam Singh Biring as Sikh

Cher Calvin as Reporter

Bill McMullen as Valet

Scott Michael Morgan as Interviewer (uncredited)

Michael Thornberry as LA Cop (voice) (uncredited)

Don Abernathy as Reporter (uncredited)

Rio Ahn as LAPD Officer (uncredited)

Sampson Alexander as Prison Inmate (uncredited)

Leslie Berger as Wife of Angry Man #3 (uncredited)

Stephen Bishop as ER Doctor (uncredited)

Pete Brown as Beachgoer (uncredited)

Samantha Cannon as Hospital Doctor #2 (uncredited)

Bonnie Carter as Model (uncredited)

Antonio Christina as Pedestrian (uncredited)

Dave Clark as Television Reporter (uncredited)

Kate Clarke as ER Nurse (uncredited)

Mike Cochrane as Inmate (uncredited)

Shea Curry as Reporter #2 (uncredited)

Kyla Dang as Kid in Street (uncredited)

Rico Devereaux as Inmate (uncredited)

Natasha Ellis as News Reporter (uncredited)

Mike Epps as Criminal (uncredited)

Sean Field as Mohawk Man (uncredited)

Jeane Fournier as Girl being Mugged (uncredited)

Les Gardonyi as Theater Goer (uncredited)

Adam Greeves as Fireman (uncredited)

Krystal Grenseman as Hollywood Starlett (uncredited)

Mustafa Harris as Young Guard (uncredited)

Alexa Havins as Hot Fan (uncredited)

Joe Hernandez-Kolski as Man #2 (uncredited)

David Hill as Man on Street (uncredited)

Edward M. Kelahan as Theatre Guest (uncredited)

Kristen Kelly as Reporter (uncredited)

Joel Lambert as SWAT cop (uncredited)

Michelle Lenhardt as ER Front Desk Nurse (uncredited)

Algerita Wynn Lewis as Mug Shot Officer (uncredited)

Ronnie Lewis Jr. as ER Doctor #2 (uncredited)

Mike McIntosh as Male Hostage (uncredited)

Chris Mitchell as Chain Gang Guard (uncredited)

Sumalee Montano as Newsanchor (uncredited)

Alan Mueting as Blind Man (uncredited)

Bryan Keith Ponton as Hospital Doctor #1 (uncredited)

Alan D. Purwin as Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Dawn Ressy as Theater Goer (uncredited)

Nicholas Rich as LA City Fire Paramedic (uncredited)

Mark Simich as Matt (uncredited)

Ryan Van de Kamp Buchanan as On Camera Reporter (uncredited)

Jobeth Wagner as Hollywood Punk (uncredited)

Rob Watt as News Camera Man (uncredited)

Randy Beckman as Stuntperson

Jeff Bramstedt as Stuntperson

Arturo Dickey as Stuntperson

Rockey Dickey Jr. as Stuntperson

Kiante Elam as Stuntperson

Corey Michael Eubanks as Stuntperson

Clay Donahue Fontenot as Stuntperson

Tanner Gill as Stuntperson

Christopher Gordon as Stuntperson

Alex Huynh as Stuntperson

Steve Kelso as Stuntperson

Michael McGuire as Stuntperson

Tang Nguyen as Stuntperson

Allan Padelford as Stuntperson

Austin Priester as Stuntperson

Pat Romano as Stuntperson

Brian Shehan as Stuntperson

Shawnna Thibodeau as Stuntperson

Xuyen Valdivia as Stuntperson

Dave Van Zeyl as Stuntperson

Bill Young as Stuntperson

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