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Harriet The Spy


Released 1996

Bronwen Hughes = Director

Marykay Powell = Producer

Julia Pistor = Associate Producer

Nava Levin = Co-Producer

Debby Beece = Executive Producer

Michelle Trachtenberg as Harriet M. Welsch

Gregory Smith as Sport

Vanessa Lee Chester as Janie Gibbs

Rosie O'Donnell as Ole Golly

J. Smith-Cameron as Mrs. Welsch

Robert Joy as Mr. Welsch

Eartha Kitt as Agatha K. Plummer

Charlotte Sullivan as Marion Hawthorne

Teisha Kim as Rachel Hennessy

Cecilley Carroll as Beth Ellen Hansen

Dov Tiefenbach as Boy with Purple Socks

Nina Shock as Carrie Andrews

Conor Devitt as Pinky Whitehead

Alisha Morrison as Laura Peters

Nancy Beatty as Miss Elson

Don Francks as Harrison Withers

Eugene Lipinski as George Waldenstein

Gerry Quigley as Sport's Dad

Jackie Richardson as Janie's Mother

Mercedes Enriquez as Windchime Lady

Mung-Ling Tsui as Mrs. Hong Fat

Ho Chow as Mr. Hong Fat

Byron Wong as Frankie Hong Fat

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Bruno Hong Fat

Kim Lieu as Paige Hong Fat

Kwok-Wing Leung as Grandpa Hong Fat

Sally Cahill as Maid

Roger Clown as Dr. Wagner

Jamie Jones as Pickpocket

Bob Windsor as Dog Delivery Guy

Gladys O'Connor as Woman with Purse

Vic Ho as Acupuncturist

David R. Ellis as Stuntperson

Natalie Groenig as Stuntperson

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