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Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets Gallery

Page One

All images can also be used as backgrounds for MSN Messenger 6.0.

Just hold your pointer over the desired picture and watch it grow to full size. In order to download any of the images; right click and save to disk, you will get the full size image.

"Harry Potter 1b"
"Ron Weasley 2b"
"Slitherin Team 3b"
"Lucious Malfoy 4b"
"Prof. Severus Snape 5b"
"Professors McGonagall, Sprout, & Dumbledore 6b"
"Harry Potter 7b"
"Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart 8b"
"Prof. Snape & Draco 9b"
"Rubeus Hagrid 10b"
"Ginny Weasley 11b"
"Albus Dumbledore 12b"
"Hermione Granger 13b"
"Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart 14b"
"Rubeus Hagrid 15b"
"Draco Malfoy 16b"
"Dudley, Aunt Petunia & Uncle Vernon 17b"
"Dobby 18b"
"Harry Potter 19b"
"Dobby 20b"
"Arthur Weasley 21b"
"Molly Weasley 22b"
"Prof. Gilderoy Lockhart 23b"
"Prof. Minerva McGonagall 24b"
"Prof. Sprout 25b"
"Ron Weasley 26b"
"Draco & Slitherin Team Members 27b"
"Hermione Granger 28b"
"Draco Malfoy 29b"
"Prof. Severus Snape 30b"
"Hermione Granger 31b"
"Tom Marvolo Riddle 32b"
"Harry Potter & Faux 33b"
"Harry Potter 34b"
"Lucius Malfoy 35b"
"Lucius Malfoy 36b"
"Dobby 37b"
"Harry & Ron 38b"
"Rubeus Hagrid 39b"
"Ron Weasley 40b"
"Hermione Granger 41b"