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Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire Gallery

Page One

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Just hold your pointer over the desired picture and watch it grow to full size. In order to download any of the images; right click and save to disk, you will get the full size image.

"Harry & Ron 1d"
"Harry, Hermione & Rita 2d"
"Harry Potter 3d"
"Harry Potter 4d"
"Harry, Hermione & Ron 5d"
"Harry, Hermione & Ron 6d"
"Photographer & Rita Skeeter 7d"
"Fleur Delacour, Dumbledore & Barty Crouch Sr. 8d"
"Harry Potter 9d"
"Harry Potter 10d"
"Harry Potter 11d"
"Groundskeeper 12d"
"Harry, Hermione & Ron 13d"
"Harry, Hermione & Ron 14d"
"Harry & Hermione 15d"
"Viktor Krum & Aide 16d"
"Ron & Prof. Mad Eye Moody 17d"
"Harry, Igor Karkaroff, Mad Eye Moody, & Dumbledore 18d"
"Harry & School Mates 19d"
"Harry Potter 20d"
"Albus Dumbledore 21d"
"Cho Chang 22d"
"Albus Dumbledore 23d"
"Viktor, Draco & Crabbe 24d"
"Barty Crouch Sr. 25d"
"Igor Karkaroff 26d"
"Harry Potter 27d"
"Prof. Mad Eye Moody 28d"
"Harry & Prof. Moody 29d"
"Albus Dumbledore 30d"
"Cedric Diggory 31d"
"Cedric Diggory 32d"
"Harry, Cedric & Rita 33d"
"Cedric & Cho 34d"
"Prof. Minerva McGonagall 35d"
"Hermione Granger 36d"
"Cho Chang 37d"
"Rita & Professors Dumbledore, McGonagall & Moody 38d"
"Viktor Krum 39d"
"Cedric Diggory 40d"
"Fleur Delacour 41d"
"Hermione Granger 42d"
"Ron Weasley 43d"
"Harry Potter 44d"
"Albus Dumbledore 45d"
"Rita Skeeter 46d"
"Albus Dumbledore 47d"
"Harry & Hermione 48d"
"Igor, Snape, McGonagall, Dumbledore, Maxime, Moody & Crouch 49d"
"Prof. Mad Eye Moody 50d"
"Prof. Mad Eye Moody 51d"
"Viktor Krum & Hermione 52d"
"Padma & Harry 53d"
"Parvati & Ron 54d"
"Hagrid & Maxime 55d"
"Krum, Filch & Igor 56d"
"Albus Dumbledore 57d"
"Dragon 58d"
"Hagrid & Envoy 59d"
"Monster Mermaid 60d"
"Harry Potter 61d"
"Harry & Hermione 62d"
"Harry & Hermione 63d"
"Viktor Krum 64d"
"Madame Olypme Maxime 65d"
"Fred & George Weasley 66d"
"Harry & Ron 67d"
"Hermione Granger 68d"
"Prof. Mad Eye Moody 69d"
"Hermione, Fred & George 70d"
"Ron Weasley 71d"
"Professors Snape & McGonagall 72d"
"Albus Dumbledore 73d"
"Fleur Delacour 74d"
"Sirius Black 75d"
"Harry Potter 76d"
"Draco Malfoy 77d"
"Harry & Hermione 78d"
"Rita Skeeter 79d"
"Cedric Diggory 80d"
"Cho Chang 81d"
"Hermione Granger 82d"
"Argus Filch & Mrs. Norris 83d"
"Hagrid & Madame Maxime 84d"
"Moaning Myrtle 85d"
"Neville Longbottom 86d"
"Monster Mermaid 87d"
"Cedric Diggory 88d"
"Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail 89d"
"Peter Pettigrew/Wormtail 90d"
"Lucius Malfoy 91d"
"Lord Voldemort 92d"
"Harry Potter 93d"
"Lord Voldemort 94d"
"Lord Voldemort 95d"
"Lily, James & Harry Potter 96d"
"Viktor Krum & Aide 97d"
"Barty Crouch Jr. 98d"
"Albus Dumbledore 99d"