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Released 1981

Allan Arkush = Director

Michael Phillips = Producer

John Hill = Associate Producer

Douglas Green = Executive Producer

Andy Kaufman as Val

Bernadette Peters as Aqua

Randy Quaid as Charlie

Kenneth McMillan as Max

Melanie Mayron as Susan

Christopher Guest as Calvin

Richard B. Shull as Factory Boss

Dick Miller as Factory Watchman

Kathleen Freeman as Helicopter Pilot

Mary Woronov as Party House Owner

Paul Bartel as Party Guest

Wally Ann Wharton as Party Guest

Barry Diamond as Firing Range Technician

Stephanie Faulkner as Firing Range Technician

Jeffrey Kramer as Party Butler Robot

Irene Forrest as Party Maid Robot

Karsen Lee Gould as Party Maid Robot

David Gene LeBell as Forklift Driver Robot

Jerry Garcia as voice of Phil

Jack Carter as voice of Catskil

Ron Gans as voice of Crimebuster

Kerrie Cullen as Stuntperson

Greg Wayne Elam as Stuntperson

Hill Farnsworth as Stuntperson

Lila Finn as Stuntperson

Thomas H. Friedkin as Stuntperson

Wayne King as Stuntperson

Julie Ann Johnson as Stuntperson

Faith Minton as Stuntperson

Bill McIntosh as Stuntperson

Regis Parton as Stuntperson

Debby Porter as Stuntperson

Mary Peters as Stuntperson

Greg Walker as Stuntperson

Diane Peterson as Stuntperson

Ross Reynolds as Stuntperson

Fred Scheiwiller as Stuntperson

Buff Brady as Stuntperson

Conrad E. Palmisano as Stuntperson

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