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Heart of Dragon

Long De Xin


Released 1985

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo = Director

Fruit Chan = Second Director

Leonard Ho Koon Cheung = Producer

Chua Lam = Associate Producer

Raymond Chow Man Wai = Executive Producer

Jackie Chan as Ted/Tat Fung

Sammo Hung Kam-Bo as Danny/Dodo Fung

Emily Chu as Jenny

Meng Hoi as Yan/Ian

Lam Ching-Ying as SWAT Team Commander

Peter Chan as SWAT Team Member

Yuen Wah as SWAT Team Member/Yan

Chin Kar Lok as SWAT Team Member/Log

Corey Yuen as SWAT Team Member

Melvin Wong as Inspector Wong

Lam Ying-Fat as Edmond Pang/Pang Kwok Hwa

Lee Ka-Ho as Kid/Heung Chi Ming

Dennis Chan as Waiter

Teddy Yip as Restaurant Manager

Anthony Chan as Private Teacher

Tze Man-Ha as Grandma/Mrs. Chee

Tai Bo as Kenny/Keung

Wu Fung as Headmaster

James Tien as Mr. Kim

Chung Fat as Moose/Cho Yee Fat

Dick Wei as Kim's Man #1

Phillip Ko Fei as Kim's Man #2

Sau Leung 'Blacky' Ko as Kim's Man #3

Billy Ching Sau Yat as Kim's Man #4

Tai San as Kim's Man #5

Chow Kong as Kim's Man #6

Wu Ma as Cafe Owner

So Hang Shuen as Cafe Owner's Wife

Lee Hoi San as Thug at Restaurant #1

Fung Hark-On as Thug at Restaurant #2

Chu Chi Ling as Thug at Restaurant #3

Huang Ha as Thug at Restaurant #4

Chan Chuen as Thug at Restaurant #5

San Kuai as Thug at Restaurant #6

Jeng Maang-Ha as Mrs. Pang

Roy Chiao as Resturant Owner

Fung Ging Man as Fence

Ben Lam as Cop

Lee Chi Git as Cop

Pang Yun Cheung as Cop

Fung King Man as Man who buys jewelry from Kenny (Tai Bo)

Yam Ho as arrested Suspect at Police Station

Chia Yung Liu Lau Kar Wing as player

Billy Chan as player

Chang Ching Po as player

Lau Fong Sai as player

Han-yuan Ma Kenneth Cheung Moon Yuen as player

Mak Wai Cheung as player

Ng Min Kan as player

Siu Tak Foo as player

Fruit Chan as extra

Chang Kuo Hua as extra

Chin Kwai Po as extra

Chow Gam Kong as Stuntperson

Hsiao Hou as Stuntperson

Mo Yuen as Stuntperson

Yuen Tak as Stuntperson

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