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The Heavenly Kid


Released 1985

Cary Medoway = Director

Mort Engelberg = Producer

Gabe Sumner = Executive Producer

Stephen G. Cheikes = Executive Producer

Lewis Smith as Bobby Fantana

Jason Gedrick as Lenny Barnes

Jane Kaczmarek as Emily Barnes

Richard Mulligan as Rafferty

Mark Metcalf as Joe Barnes

Beau Dremann as McIntyre

Stephen Gregory as Fred Gallo

Anne Sawyer as Sharon

Nancy Valen as Melissa

Chad Wiggins-Grady as Jerry

Scott Stone as Frank

William 'Rooney' Kerwin as Suburbanite

Will Knickerbocker as Max

Harold Bergman as Mr. Finley

Donna Rosea as Boulevard Girl

Barney Johnston as Platform Official

Lit Connah as Tramp

Bill Ash as Older Official

Willie Woods as Vendor

Jody Sharlow as Surfer

Davis Stidham as Slick Salesman

Kevin L. Clarit as Grease Jockey

T. R. Durphy as Drug Dealer

Debra Gallagher as Plain Girl

Lynne Griffin as Waitress

Stacy Koolick as Student

Christopher Greenbury as Man eating Hot Dog

Kenneth Ian Davis as Skateboard Kid (uncredited)

Chad Hillman as Friend (uncredited)

D. Taylor Loeb as Young Emily (uncredited)

Ricou Browning as Stuntperson

Jay Amor as Stuntperson

Jere Berry as Stuntperson

Mindy Branston as Stuntperson

Doug Dillingham as Stuntperson

Mark S. Gardiner as Stuntperson

Artie Malesci as Stuntperson

Norman Max Maxwell as Stuntperson

Todd Seeley as Stuntperson

Beth Spanier as Stuntperson

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