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The Heist


Released 1989

Stuart Orme = Director

Rick Rosenberg = Producer

Robert W. Christiansen = Producer

Ted Swanson = Associate Producer

Robert Prosky as Dancer

Noble Willingham as Stuckey

Stephen Apostolina as Ramirez

Ben Mittleman as Tall Goon

Nino Surdo as Short Goon

Tom Atkins as Det. Leland

Shelton Redden as Cave

Tom Skerritt as Ebbet Berens

Wendy Hughes as Sheila

Pierce Brosnan as Neil Skinner

Roger Hewlett as Durfee

Joseph Carberry as Kelso

Chino 'Fats' Williams as Fats

Art Frankel as Wolmott

Andrew Barnicle as Draper

Roger Chapman as Lutz

Dan Hare as Parkhurst

Will Cascio as Jockey #1

Kevin Furlong as Jockey #2

Fred Bailey as Limo Driver

Gary Wright as Max

Luisa Vargas as Security Guard

Susan Thompson as Receptionist

Gale McNeeley as Sam Edstrom

Jack Orend as Cashier

Matthew Wood as Border Guard

Alan Buchdahl as Track Announcer

Michael Smiley as Detective (uncredited)

Larry Holt as Stuntperson

Thomas Rosales Jr. as Stuntperson

Mike Tillman as Stuntperson

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