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Hell To Pay


Released 2005

Chris McIntyre = Director

Chris McIntyre = Producer

Kevin Kazakoff as Kirby Scott

William Gregory Lee as Chance Scott

Rachel Kimsey as Rebekah Shepard

Katie A. Keane as Rachel Shepard

Jason Shaw as Arly Lyons

Bo Svenson as Del Shannon

James Drury as Sheriff J. T. Coffee

Lee Majors as Marshall John Boone

Andrew Prine as Matt Elden

Stella Stevens as Mary Potter

Dale Kimsey as Jedediah Shepard

Gene Pearcey as Roy Hobus

Eden Rountree as Sarah Potter

Randi Rogers as Kathleen Potter

Buck Taylor as Dr. Adam Galen

William Smith as Emil Brax

Alison Vasan as Tashi'ne

Annie B. Ellett as Rahi'ne

Peter Brown as Johnny Behan

Tim Thomerson as Reverend

Mark Warner as Rufus McSween

Griff Furst as Griff

Jeff Davis as Mean Joe

Lane Ferrin as Amanda

Denny Miller as Horace the Miner

Christian Chanel as Violet

Pat McGroarty as Shotgun

Shannon Sauceda as Teller

David Siemienski as Clint

Howard Davidson as Piano Player

Amanda Raymond as Saloon Girl

Holly Young as Saloon Girl

Autumn Keeton as Saloon Girl

Sally Romano as Saloon Girl

Becky Kaucky as Saloon Girl

Dawn Garrett as Saloon Girl

Lori Wiarda as Saloon Girl

Tom Wildenaur as Shannon's Gang

Marc Twogood as Shannon's Gang

Mike Squires as Shannon's Gang

Rick Farmilok as Shannon's Gang

Randy Christenberry as Shannon's Gang

Dennis Carmen as Shannon's Gang

Doug Gillespie as Shannon's Gang

Marvin Holmes as Shannon's Gang

Dean Price as Shannon's Gang

Richard Sarmast as Shannon's Gang

Paul Christensen as Shannon's Gang

Don Ormand as Shannon's Gang

Rico Nance as Shannon's Gang

Mike Hughes as Shannon's Gang

Cal Elrich as Roy's Marauders

Jeff Davis as Roy's Marauders

Sam Cotton as Roy's Marauders

Ray Walters as Roy's Marauders

Marc Romano as Roy's Marauders

Steve Shaw as Roy's Marauders

Bill Bornemann as Roy's Marauders

Skip Wiarda as Roy's Marauders

Carl Kaucky as Roy's Marauders

Handlebar Doc as Roy's Marauders

Madd Mike as Roy's Marauders

Tex as Roy's Marauders

Tommy Gunn as Get Away Driver (uncredited)

M. Dutch Deboer as Stunt Rider

Aidean Black as Stunt Rider

Eric Ancker as Stunt Rider

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