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Released 1997

John Musker = Director

Ron Clements = Director

Alice Dewey = Producer

John Musker = Producer

Ron Clements = Producer

Kendra Haaland = Associate Producer

Barbara Barrie as Voice of Alcmene

Roger Bart as Singing Voice of Young Hercules

Mary Kay Bergman as Voice of Earthquake Lady

Corey Burton as Voice of Burnt Man

Jim Cummings as Voice of Nessus

Keith David as Voice of Apollo

Danny DeVito as Voice of Phil

Tate Donovan as Voice of Adult Hercules

Paddi Edwards as Voice of The Fates/Thebans

Susan Egan as Voice of Meg

Samantha Eggar as Voice of Hera

Cheryl Freeman as Voice of Muse

Kathleen Freeman as Voice of Heavyset Woman

Matt Frewer as Voice of Panic

Bobcat Goldthwait as Voice of Pain

Bug Hall as Voice of Little Boy

Kellen Hathaway as Voice of Little Boy

Charlton Heston as Narrator

Hal Holbrook as Voice of Amphitryon

Joshua Keaton as Voice of Young Hercules

Wayne Knight as Voice of Demetrius

LaChanze as Voice of Muse

Aaron Michael Metchik as Voice of Ithicles

Patrick Pinney as Voice of Cyclops

Amanda Plummer as Voice of The Fates/Thebans

Roz Ryan as Voice of Muse

Paul Shaffer as Voice of Hermes

Carole Shelley as Voice of The Fates/Thebans

Vaneese Thomas as Voice of Muse

Rip Torn as Voice of Zeus

Lillias White as Voice of Muse

James Woods as Voice of Hades

Tawatha Agee as Additional Voices

Jack Angel as Additional Voices

Shelton Becton as Additional Voices

Bob Bergen as Additional Voices

Rodger Bumpass as Additional Voices

Jennifer Darling as Additional Voices

Debi Derryberry as Additional Voices

Bill Farmer as Additional Voices

Milt Grayson as Additional Voices

Sherry Lynn as Additional Voices

Mickie McGowan as Additional Voices

Denise Pickering as Additional Voices

Phil Proctor as Additional Voices

Jan Rabson as Additional Voices

Riley Steiner as Additional Voices

Fronzi Thornton as Additional Voices

Erik von Detten as Additional Voices

Ken Williams as Additional Voices

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