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The Hitman


Released 1991

Aaron Norris = Director

Don Carmody = Producer

Jeffrey Barmash = Associate Producer

Peter Welbeck = Executive Producer

André Link = Executive Producer

Chuck Norris as Garret/Grogan

Michael Parks as Ronny 'Del' Delaney

Al Waxman as Marco Luganni

Alberta Watson as Christine De Vera

Salim Grant as Tim Murphy

Ken Pogue as Chambers

Marcel Sabourin as Andre Lacombe

Bruno Gerussi as Nino

Frank Ferrucci as Shahad

James Purcell as Sal

Candus Churchill as Kate

Alan C. Peterson as Lemke

Paris Mileos as Scolari

Alex Bruhanski as Scarlini

Stephen Dimopoulos as Galione

Anthony Stambouliem as Rigoletti

Michael B. Enyaer as Hassan

Gerry Bean as Fierro

Nathan Vanering as Nantel

Alex Diakun as Armone

Michele Goodger as Corrine

Michael Rogers as Sully

Jon Cuthbert as Joe

Rebecca Norris as Waitress

William B. Davis as Dr. Atkins

Henry Holmes as Chief Surgeon

Fred Henderson as E.R. Doctor

Sylvain Demers as Attendant

Suleka Mathew as Attendant

Beau Heaton as Bo Lemke

Amanda Norris as Lacombe Child

Meagan Norris as Lacombe Child

Rene Van Hullebush as Stuntperson

Kinnie Gibson as Stuntperson

Farid Dordar as Stuntperson

Garvin Cross as Stuntperson

Jorge Chavarrias as Stuntperson

Lauro Chartrand as Stuntperson

Mike Mellick as Stuntperson

Bill Stewart as Stuntperson

Bill Ferguson as Stuntperson

Scott J. Ateah as Stuntperson

Gerald Paetz as Stuntperson

Rob Wilton as Stuntperson

Mike Mitchell as Stuntperson

Mike Goodnier as Stuntperson

Curt Bonn as Stuntperson

Sonny Suroweick as Stuntperson

Gary Lokken as Stuntperson

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