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Hollywood Homicide


Released 2003

Ron Shelton = Director

Lou Pitt = Producer

Ron Shelton = Producer

Robert Souza = Co-Producer

Allegra Clegg = Co-Producer

Scott Bernstein = Co-Producer

Joe Roth = Executive Producer

David V. Lester = Executive Producer

Harrison Ford as Sgt. Joe Gavilan

Josh Hartnett as Det. K.C. Calden

Lena Olin as Ruby

Bruce Greenwood as Lt. Bennie Macko

Isaiah Washington as Antoine Sartain

Lolita Davidovich as Cleo Ricard

Keith David as Leon

Master P as Julius Armas

Gladys Knight as Olivia Robidoux

Lou Diamond Phillips as Wanda

Meredith Scott Lynn as I.A. Detective Jackson

Tom Todoroff as I.A. Detective Zino

James MacDonald as Danny Broome

Kurupt as K-Ro

André Benjamin as Silk Brown

Alan Dale as Commander Preston

Clyde Kusatsu as Coroner Chung

Dwight Yoakam as Leroy Wasley

Martin Landau as Jerry Duran

Eric Idle as Celebrity

Frank Sinatra Jr. as Marty Wheeler

Robert Wagner as Himself

Johnny Grant as Himself

Smokey Robinson as Cabbie

Shawn Woods as Killer 'Z'

Anthony Mackie as Killer 'Joker'

Choppa as H2OKlick

Krazy as H2OKlick

Magic as H2OKlick

T-Bo as H2OKlick

Michael Bentt as Club Security Guard

Giovanni Antonio Guichard as Club Security Guard

Shalena Hughes as Club Girl

Eloy Casados as Det. Eddie Cruz

Gregg Daniel as Det. Mando Lopez

Jamison Jones as Det. Bobby Riley

Darrell Foster as Officer King

Christopher Wiehl as Cheeseburger Cop

Ramón Muniz as Station Cop

Dennis Burkley as Hank the Bartender

Slade Barnett as Bolt Cutter Cop

Malakai Davidson as Handcuffed Prisoner

Johnny Sneed as Arresting Officer

Joe Wandell as Arresting Officer

Irina Gasanova as Cleo's Girl

Ragan Wallake (Brooks) as Hot Tub Brunette

Blake Gibbons as Repo Guy

Jason Matthew Smith as Repo Guy

Valarie Rae Miller as Sartain Receptionist

Regina Russell as Sartain Receptionist

Butch Cassidy as Himself

Kevin Law as Himself

K. D. Aubert as Shauntelle & Streetcar Blanche

Victor Togunde as Chaplain

Kevin Daniels as Cuz

Ernest Harden Jr. as Mixer

Brianna Lynn Brown as Shawna

Sonia Iris Lozada as Duran's Housekeeper

Shea Elmore as Yoga Girl

Luis Avalos as Det. Willie Palmero

Rudi Frenner as Autopsy Pathologist

Gretchen Becker as Venice Nanny

Frankie Jay Allison as Corrections Officer Meyers

Vincent Laresca as Correction Officer Rodriguez

Gregg Donovan as Beverly Hills Ambassador

Jimmy Jean-Louis as Gianfranco Ferre Clerk

Brian Larkins as Beverly Hills Valet

John David Heffron as Van Family Dad

Kelly Lynn Warren as Van Family Mom

Jennette McCurdy as Van Family Daughter

Paul Butcher as Van Family Son

Leroy Michaux as S.U.V. Guy

Katie Boggs as Little Girl on Bike

May R. Boss as Taxi Lady

Lauren Sanchez as Chopper Newscaster

Jennifer York as Chopper Newscaster

Elvira Jimenez as Chopper Newscaster

Steve Stafford as Police Chopper Pilot

Tara Tovarek as Woman in Elevator

Joan Farrell as Woman in Elevator

Lisa Arning as Woman in Elevator

Ali Elk as Woman in Elevator

Chris Ufland as Talent Agent

Freddy Lewis as Rooftop Cop Boudreau

Michael Merrins as Rooftop Cop Peterson

Brad Tiemann as Dumpster Cop

Gregg Marc Miller as Sgt. Kelly

TJ Deline as Sgt. Davis

James E. Henderson as Playgoer Critic

Manny Suárez as Streetcar Pablo

Kathi Copeland as Streetcar Eunice

Steve Haase as Streetcar Mitch

Sarah Scivier as Streetcar Stella

Will McFadden as Streetcar Steve

Joann Socrates as Woman in Elevator (uncredited)

Paige Brooks as Yoga Girl (uncredited)

MarLee Candell as Fired-Upon Symphony Patron (uncredited)

Chelsea Crowe as Blonde Yoga Student (uncredited)

Andy Davoli as Virgil (uncredited)

Justin Rodgers Hall as Detective Hall (uncredited)

Nicolette Harnish as Yoga Girl (uncredited)

Sophiah Koikas as Hooker (uncredited)

Niki Latrese as Hooker (uncredited)

Lon Moriarty as Symphony-Goer Knocked Into Aisle (uncredited)

Tyana Parr as Prison Guard (uncredited)

Cindyana Santangelo as Yoga Girl (uncredited)

Starlotte Dawn Smith as Call Girl (uncredited)

Scott Summitt as Hollywood Tourist (uncredited)

Mirelly Taylor as Yoga Girl (uncredited)

Levi Tinker as Graumans Chinese Theatre Employee (uncredited)

Larry Vigus as Detective Spade (uncredited)

Christina Wickers as Tennis Girl (uncredited)

Gary J. Wayton as Stunt Double

Mark Vanselow as Stunt Double

Christopher Doyle as Stunt Double

Kofi Elam as Stunt Double

Clay Donahue Fontenot as Stunt Double

Robert C. Brown as Stuntperson

Joe Bucaro III as Stuntperson

J. J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Tracy Keehn-Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Steve M. Davison as Stuntperson

James M. Halty as Stuntperson

Thomas Robinson Harper as Stuntperson

Freddie Hice as Stuntperson

Tommy J. Huff as Stuntperson

Mike Justus as Stuntperson

Sandy Berumen Justus as Stuntperson

Shawn P. Lane as Stuntperson

Shanna Mann as Stuntperson

Gary McLarty as Stuntperson

Donna Evans Merlo as Stuntperson

Chuck Picerni Jr. as Stuntperson

Tim Rigby as Stuntperson

Troy Robinson as Stuntperson

Michael Runyard as Stuntperson

Ann Scott as Stuntperson

Ben Scott as Stuntperson

Walter Scott as Stuntperson

Ryan Staats as Stuntperson

Tim Trella as Stuntperson

Peter D. Weireter as Stuntperson

Danny Wynands as Stuntperson

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