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Home Alone 3


Released 1997

Raja Gosnell = Director

John Hughes = Producer

Hilton A. Green = Producer

Nilo Rodis-Jamero = Associate Producer

Ricardo Mestres = Executive Producer

Alex D. Linz as Alex Pruitt

Olek Krupa as Petr Beaupre

Rya Kihlstedt as Alice Ribbons

Lenny Von Dohlen as Burton Jernigan

David Thornton as Earl Unger

Haviland Morris as Karen Pruitt

Kevin Kilner as Jack Pruitt

Marian Seldes as Mrs. Hess

Seth Smith as Stan Pruitt

Scarlett Johansson as Molly Pruitt

Christopher Curry as Agent Stuckey

Baxter Harris as Police Captain

James Saito as Chinese Mob Boss

Kevin Gudahl as Techie

Richard Hamilton as Cab Driver

Freeman Coffey as Recruiting Officer

Krista Lally as Dispatcher

Neil Flynn as Police Officer #1

Tony Mockus Jr. as Police Officer #2

Pat Healy as Agent Rogers

James L. Chisem as Police Officer #3

Darwin L. Harris as Photographer

Adrianne Duncan as Flight Attendant

Sharon Sachs as Annoying Woman

Joseph Luis Caballero as Security Guard

Larry C. Tankson as Cart Driver

Jennifer A. Daley as Police Photographer #2

Darren T. Knaus as Voice of Parrot

Sarah Godshaw as Latchkey Girl (uncredited)

Kelly Ann Marquart as Girl on Sidewalk (uncredited)

Sam Maton as Kid on Street (uncredited)

Scott Prestin as Head Airport Security Officer (uncredited)

Caryn Cheever as Ticketing Agent (uncredited)

Jerod Howard as Airline Traveler (uncredited)

Dominic Testa as Airline Passenger (uncredited)

Erik Rondell as Stuntperson

K. Isabel Kimler as Stuntperson

Tom Harper as Stuntperson

Christopher J. Tuck as Stuntperson

Rick LeFevour as Stuntperson

Kay H. Whipple as Stuntperson

Julie Justus as Stuntperson

Bob MacDougall as Stuntperson

Troy Robinson as Stuntperson

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