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Home Alone 4

Taking Back the House


Released 2002

Rod Daniel = Director

Mitch Engel = Producer

David Madden = Executive Producer

Lisa Demberg = Executive Producer

French Stewart as Marv Merchants

Erick Avari as Prescott

Barbara Babcock as Molly

Jason Beghe as Peter McCallister

Clare Carey as Kate McCallister

Joanna Going as Natalie

Missi Pyle as Vera

Gideon Jacobs as Buzz

Chelsea Russo as Megan

Mike Weinberg as Kevin McCallister

Lisa King as Queen

Sean Cameron Michael as Cop

Craig Geldenhuys as Prince

Andre Roothman as King

Anton Smuts as Cab Driver

Donny Watrous as Robber (uncredited)

Daryl Andrews as Stunt Double

Lee-Anne Liebenberg as Stunt Double

Pierre Marais as Stunt Double

Leander Lacy as Stunt Double

John Smith as Stunt Double

Tania Koetzee as Stunt Double

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