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Homeward Bound

The Incredible Journey


Released 1993

Duwayne Dunham = Director

Franklin R. Levy = Producer

Jeffrey Chernov = Producer

Mack Bing = Co-Producer

Donald W. Ernst = Executive Producer

Kirk Wise = Executive Producer

Ben as Shadow

Don Ameche as Voice of Shadow

Rattler as Chance

Michael J. Fox as Voice of Chance

Tiki as Sassy

Sally Field as Voice of Sassy

Don Alder as Molly's Father

Ed Bernard as Desk Sergeant

Kevin Chevalia as Jamie Seaver

Anne Christianson as Research Assistant

Ted D'Arms as Vet

Woody Eney as Forest Ranger 'Mark'

Kim Greist as Laura Burnford-Seaver

Rich Hawkins as Forest Ranger

Robert Hays as Bob Seaver

Nurmi Husa as The Caterer

Jane Jones as Molly's Mother

Veronica Lauren as Hope Burnford

David MacIntyre as Foote

Kit McDonough as Female Forest Ranger

Mary Marsh as Laura's Mom

Nicholas Mastandrea as Hal

Glenn Mazen as Minister

Mariah Milner as Molly

Janet Penner as Bob's Mom

William Edward Phipps as Quentin

Dorothy Roberts as Peter's Teacher

Frank Roberts as Laura's Dad

Jean Smart as Kate

Virginia Spray as Grace

Gary Taylor as Frank

Mark L. Taylor as Officer Kirkwood

Benj Thall as Peter Burnford

Peggy West as Jamie's Teacher

Frank Welker as Special Vocal Effects

Jesse Merz as Student (uncredited)

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