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Horton Hears A Who


Released 2008

Jimmy Hayward = Director

Steve Martino = Director

Bob Gordon = Producer

Bruce Anderson = Producer

Christopher Meledandri = Executive Producer

Audrey Geisel = Executive Producer

Chris Wedge = Executive Producer

Jim Carrey as Voice of Horton

Steve Carell as Voice of The Mayor of Whoville

Carol Burnett as Voice of Kangaroo

Will Arnett as Voice of Vlad

Seth Rogen as Voice of Morton

Dan Fogler as Voices of Councilman & Yummo Wickersham

Isla Fisher as Voice of Dr. Mary Lou Larue

Jonah Hill as Voice of Tommy

Amy Poehler as Voice of Sally O'Malley

Jaime Pressly as Voice of Mrs. Quilligan

Charles Osgood as Voice of Narrator

Josh Flitter as Voice of Rudy

Niecy Nash as Voice of Miss Yelp

Jesse McCartney as Voice of JoJo

Shelby Adamowsky as Voices of Hedy & Hooly

Jack Angel as Voice of Old Time Who

Caitlin Rose Anderson as Voice of Helen

Emily Anderson as Voice of Heather

Jan Rabson as Voice of Town Cryer

John Cygan as Voice of Who

Jess Harnell as Voice of Another Who

Debi Derryberry as Voice of Who Mom

Samantha Raye Droke as Voices of Hildy & Holly

Karen Disher as Voice of Who Kid

Marshall Efron as Voice of Wickersham Guard #1

Bill Farmer as Voice of Willie Bear

Jason Fricchione as Voice of Joe

Heather Goldenhersh as Voice of Who Girl

Selena Gomez as Voice of Helga

Jimmy Hayward as Voice of Obnoxious Who

Joey King as Voice of Katie

Christina Martino as Voices of Heidi & Haley

Ellie Martino as Voice of Hanna

Laraine Newman as Voice of Glummox Mom

Tim Nordquist as Voice of Wickersham Guard #2

Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Voice of Angela

Laura Ortiz as Voice of Jessica

Joe Pasquale as Voice of The Dentist

Connor Anderson as Voice of Who Child #1

Isabella Acres as Additional Voices

Bob Bergen as Additional Voices

Jeff Biancalana as Additional Voices

Madison Davenport as Additional Voices

Teresa Ganzel as Additional Voices

Kathy Graves as Additional Voices

Sherry Lynn as Additional Voices

Danny Mann as Additional Voices

Mona Marshall as Additional Voices

Mickie McGowan as Additional Voices

Madison Pettis as Additional Voices

Grace Rolek as Additional Voices

Jennessa Rose as Additional Voices

Ariel Winter as Additional Voices

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