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Hotel For Dogs


Released 2009

Thor Freudenthal = Director

Lauren Shuler Donner = Producer

Jonathan Gordon = Producer

Ewan Leslie = Producer

Jason Clark = Producer

Tom Pollock = Executive Producer

Jeffrey Clifford = Executive Producer

Ivan Reitman = Executive Producer

Emma Roberts as Andi

Jake T. Austin as Bruce

Don Cheadle as Bernie

Johnny Simmons as Dave

Kyla Pratt as Heather

Troy Gentile as Mark

Lisa Kudrow as Lois Scudder

Kevin Dillon as Carl Scudder

Ajay Naidu as ACO Jake

Eric Edelstein as ACO Max

Robinne Lee as Carol

Yvette Nicole Brown as Ms. Camwell

Maximiliano Hernández as Officer Mike

Andre Ware as Officer Jeff

Jonathan Klein as Evan

Ruben Garfias as Department Store Employee

Kenny Vibert as Jason

Stephen Liska as Desk Sergeant

Jeremy Howard as Hot Dog Man

Tiya Sircar as Marianne

Mariah Buzolin Moore as Beth

Britney Christian as Girl in TV Room

Jim Doughan as Male Reporter

Gina St. John as Female Reporter

Catherine Hill McCord as Mathilda Frohmann

Carina Oakland as Passerby

Susan Avalos as Mom with Kid in Car

Dwayne Swingler as Officer Clark

Gregory Sporleder as ACO Dooley

Brandon Avalos as Kid in Car

Brendan Wayne as ACO Tanner

Andrea Gold as Woman with Dog

Hira Ambrosino as Social Worker (uncredited)

Allison Curtis as Girl watching Husky Puppies (uncredited)

Leslie Del Rosario as Alexa (uncredited)

Bailey Dent as Little girl playing with puppy (uncredited)

Humberto Guida as Bellhop (uncredited)

Kelsey Higgs as Marianne's Friend (uncredited)

Kami Koren as Perfume Lady (uncredited)

Emily Kuroda as Social Worker (uncredited)

Breaunna Lake as Party Girl (uncredited)

Stefan Mavi as City Cop (uncredited)

Ivan Reitman as Himself - Closing Credits Sequence (uncredited)

Ashley Rose as Orphan (uncredited)

Sadie as Herself - Closing Credits Sequence (uncredited)

Cole Schaefer as Dad (uncredited)

Scott Sener as Bass Player (uncredited)

Arne Starr as Store Owner (uncredited)

Scott Trimble as Himself - Closing Credits Sequence (uncredited)

George F. Watson as Electronics Shopper (uncredited)

Riley Harper as Stuntperson

J. J. Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Logan Holladay as Stuntperson

Bobby McLaughlin as Stuntperson

James Pratt as Stuntperson

Tracy Keehn-Dashnaw as Stuntperson

Annie Ellis as Stuntperson

Cheyenne Ellis as Stuntperson

David Richard Ellis as Stuntperson

Arron Marie Fenton as Stuntperson

Tad Griffith as Stuntperson

James M. Halty as Stuntperson

Rosine 'Ace' Hatem as Stuntperson

Shawn Patrick Lane as Stuntperson

Matt McColm as Stuntperson

Scott Workman as Stuntperson

Keith Woulard as Stuntperson

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