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Howard The Duck


Released 1986

Willard Huyck = Director

Gloria Katz = Producer

Ian Bryce = Associate Producer

Robert Latham Brown = Co-Producer

George Lucas = Executive Producer

Lea Thompson as Beverly Switzler

Jeffrey Jones as Dr. Walter Jenning

Tim Robbins as Phil Blumburtt

Ed Gale as Howard T. Duck

Chip Zien as Voice of Howard T. Duck

Tim Rose as Howard T. Duck

Steve Sleap as Howard T. Duck

Peter Baird as Howard T. Duck

Mary Wells as Howard T. Duck

Lisa Sturz as Howard T. Duck

Jordan Prentice as Howard T. Duck

Paul Guilfoyle as Lieutenant Welker

Liz Sagal as Ronette, Cherry Bomb

Dominique Davalos as Cal, Cherry Bomb

Holly Robinson Peete as K. C., Cherry Bomb

Tommy Swerdlow as Ginger Moss

Richard Edson as Ritchie

Miles Chapin as Carter

Richard McGonagle as First Cop

Virginia Capers as Cora Mae, Secretary

Debbie Lee Carrington as Additional Ducks

Jorli McLain as Waitress

Miguel Sandoval as Bar Owner

Sheldon Feldner as Hot Tub Spa Owner

Lee Anthony as Grossbach

Paul Comi as Dr. Chapin

Maureen Coyne as Teacher

James Lashly as State Trooper

Tom Parker as Steve Kanelli, TV Reporter

Ed Holmes as TV Duck Hunter

David Paymer as Larry, Scientist

William Hall as Officer Hanson

Denny Delk as Sergeant

Martin Ganapoler as 1st Trucker

Tom Rayhall as 2nd Trucker

Gary Littlejohn as 3rd Trucker

Thomas Dolby as Bartender in Rock Club

Kristopher Logan as Punk

Reed Kirk Rahlmann as Bender

John Fleck as Pimples

William McCoy as Skin Head

Steven Kravitz as Lover Boy

Anne Tofflemire as Lover Girl

Marcia Banks as Mama Biker

Nancy Fish as Homeless Bag Lady

Monty Hoffman as Club Bouncer

Ted Kurtz as Kirby

Wood Moy as Chef

Wanda McCaddon as Hostess

James Brady as 1st Tour Guide

Carol McElheney as Screaming Woman

Jeanne Lauren as Bear

Richard Kiley as Voice of The Cosmos

Mel Blanc as Voice of Daffy Duck (archive footage)

Lol Levy as Detective (uncredited)

C. Andrew Nelson as Rocker (uncredited)

James Olea as Policeman (uncredited)

Margarita Fernández as Stunt Duck

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