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High School Musical


Released 2006

Kenny Ortega = Director

Don Schain = Producer

Bill Borden = Executive Producer

Barry Rosenbush = Executive Producer

Zac Efron as Troy Bolton

Vanessa Anne Hudgens as Gabriella Montez

Ashley Tisdale as Sharpay Evans

Lucas Grabeel as Ryan Evans

Alyson Reed as Ms. Darbus

Corbin Bleu as Chad Danforth

Monique Coleman as Taylor McKessie

Olesya Rulin as Kelsi Nielsen

Chris Warren Jr. as Zeke Baylor

Bart Johnson as Coach Jack Bolton

Ryne Sanborn as Jason Cross

Socorro Herrera as Mrs. Montez

Joey Miyashima as Principal Matsui

Dutch Whitlock as Skater Dude #1

Ryan Templeman as Skater Dude #2

Irene Santiago-Baron as Chem Teacher

Leslie (Wing) Pomeroy as Mrs. Bolton

Joyce Cohen as Librarian

KayCee Stroh as Martha Cox

Brett Yoder as M.C.

Sarah K. Aezer as Girl #1

Amanda Garrett as Girl #2

Anne Kathryn Parma as Susan

Nick Whitaker as Alan

Falon Grace as Cyndra

Sami Roe as Weird Kid #1

Melissa Hildebrant as Weird Kid #2

Charles Klapow as Basketball Player Dancer

Brad Tobler as Basketball Player Dancer

David Huff as Basketball Player Dancer

Carleton W. Bluford as Basketball Player Dancer

Jared Murillo as Basketball Player Dancer

Roger Malaga as Basketball Player Dancer

Todd Michael Schwartzman as Basketball Player Dancer

Da' Jon Lang as Basketball Player Dancer

Allison Holker as Cheerleader Dancer

Tina Pituckul as Cheerleader Dancer

Raquel Goodsell as Cheerleader Dancer

Britt Stewart as Cheerleader Dancer

Kelli Baker as Cheerleader Dancer

Bayli Baker as Cheerleader Dancer

Jessie Tan as Cheerleader Dancer

Breanna Phillips as Cheerleader Dancer

Skyler Holman as Brainiac Dancer

Mollee Gray as Brainiac Dancer

Michelle Parker as Braniac Dancer

Andrew Winston as Braniac Dancer

Afton Delgrosso as Brainiac Dancer

Falisha Fehoko as Brainiac Dancer

Thayne Jasperson as Brainiac Dancer

Shawn Carter as Skater Dude Dancer

Eldon Johnson as Skater Dude Dancer

Josh Murillo as Skater Dude Dancer

Malinda Money as Skater Dude Dancer

Sabra Johnson as Skater Dude Dancer

Kristian Boland as Voice of Jack Bolton (uncredited)

Annevig Schelde Ebbe as Voice of Taylor Mckessie (uncredited)

Allan Hyde as Voice of Troy Bolton (uncredited)

Niclas Mortensen as Voice of Chad Danforth (uncredited)

Pauline Rehne as Voice of Ms. Darbus (uncredited)

Marie Søderberg as Voice of Sharpay Evans (uncredited)

Thea Iven Ulstrup as Voice of Gabriella Montez (uncredited)

Daniel Vognstrup as Voice of Ryan Evans (uncredited)

Matthew Miles Carter as Basketball Player Dancer (uncredited)

Kara Dupell as Cheerleader Dancer (uncredited)

Stephen Rippey as Referee (uncredited)

Laura Summer as Additional Voices (uncredited)

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